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Rhinoplasty (more commonly referred to as a nose job) is a surgical procedure that reshapes or resizes the nose. It’s performed for a variety of reasons, including a visible bump on the nasal bridge, a nasal tip that’s droopy or enlarged, a nose that is off-center or crooked, or a previous injury that’s made the nose asymmetrical. LEARN MORE ›
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I wouldn't hesitate on recommending Mr. Shandilya to anyone, he is the kindest man in the world and he showed so much care to me. Before my surgery I was so nervous but when he came to talk to me he soothed my nerves slightly. I am proud to say Mr.Shandilya has changed my life, as he boosted my... READ MORE

Open rhinoplasty done 12/18. I have hated my nose since I can remember and went through high school receiving terrible comments from people and never felt beautiful. The rhinoplasty was close to 5 hours and the recovery was pretty uncomfortable at times but I could not be more satisfied with my... READ MORE

Given my Italian heritage I was blessed with a typical Italian nose-- thick skin, bulbous and over extended. From the time I was a child I disliked the projection and thickness of my nose which ultimately prompted me to visit Dr. Corrado. Dr. Corrado was extremely approachable, down to earth and... READ MORE

For as nervous as I was to go through with this...I can't even believe the recovery is going so smooth! I haven't taken a single pain pill yet!!! I will say that I have more swelling today and may be slightly bruising, but, NOTHING compared to what I thought I would be... READ MORE

I was going to hold off on writing about my experience until next week when I go back to Dr. Joseph's office but decided to write about my progress and my recovery experience . Finding this website and reading about people's experiences has been inspiring and gave me a glimpse into what to... READ MORE

I wanted to have a cuter nose. I had broken my nose while serving in the US Army. I also had a deviated septum, and i wanted all to be fixed at once. I had already gotten my septum fixed once before, but it needed to be fixed again after injury to my nose. My aim was to get rid of the hump, thin... READ MORE

This isn't a review this is more of an "I'm thinking of getting a nose job" post. I've always had an issue with my nose after it was injured during some play wrestling with an ex boyfriend and after that I noticed it got crooked. It always bugged me how I looked like a different person from both... READ MORE

I've thought about this since 3rd grade. But I was so scared about people thinking I was vain or shallow for worrying so much about my appearance. I wasted so many years feeling self conscious. I was also terrified of anesthesia. That might sound silly. But what if I died just because I was... READ MORE

Hi everyone. I am so glad to be finally writing my own post after reading so many throughout the last year. I first want to say that I truly think everyone who has received rhinoplastic surgery and has posted on here look beautiful! all of you have inspired me to go for it and share my... READ MORE

Well, I have been hating my nose for a long time now, just didn't have the guts to do anything about it. I have been contemplating Rhinoplasty seriously for a few years now, and had been for some consults since 2012. I eventually found a doctor I felt was a right match for me and who envisioned... READ MORE

I am in my 40's. I have wanted this all my life but was afraid what it would say to my daughter. I realize now I should have done it a long time ago, and told her: If there is something you can do to feel better or happier, and not hurt anyone else, by all means do it! Life is way to short to... READ MORE

Whether it was an early childhood incident that left me with a bloody nose or my full blooded Italian descent, by the time I reached high school, my nose was disproportionately too big for my face. I had perfect Audrey-like bone structure and a graceful dancer's body to match, but there was... READ MORE

For now I'm scared. Also I don't know how to hide the recovery process while I have a 6 month old puppy. I have to take her out constantly and I live in the city apartment building alone. I don't want to people in my neighborhood talking about me. I guess that's worries me most right now. I... READ MORE

The after photos were taken 5 months after the surgery. There is some asymmetry which is obvious when I tilt my head down a little and you look at me straight on, and I do not really like the shape of the nasal dorsum. I, for some reason, assumed it would be made slightly scooped because many... READ MORE

Hi Real Self, Im an African American young lady. Ever since i was 12 i remembered having a big, thick nose but it didn't really bother me since it was proportionate to my face (big head and all). As i got older and lost weight, i noticed my fat nose and was very self conscious about it and would... READ MORE

I have been wanted work done for a few years. I am pursuing a career in entertainment and in this day in age, looks are everything. I picked Pearlman Aesthetic because I was very impressed by the website, reviews, and before and after pics. There are also loads of videos of the dr. Performing... READ MORE

I have been meaning to write a review for a while now since this is partially how I decided to go through with my surgery with Dr. Cochran. My experience with Dr Cochran and his office has been amazing! The reviews on this site helped me decide to get my first consultation with Dr Cochran. I... READ MORE

I'm not happy with my rhinoplasty to date. I asked for nostrils to be thinner and my nose tip not be bulbous . I advised her to please give me a definition and not a Piggy nose. At this point it changes daily and some days I like it and other days the tip droops like a bird and the nostrils... READ MORE

I wanted a nose job since I was about 18 always disliked the profile obsessively .. In 2013 finally decided to get it with dr Epstein in Miami .. Very good staff and attentive doctor I wanted a natural look basically bump removal as seen in before picture .. Recovery was not really painful... READ MORE

Hey Lovely Community, Decided to make my profile to post my review and hopefully help others. Will add photos soon. Having the rhinoplasty surgery with Dr.G on June 3 hopefully! I booked this back in October. I have a dorsal hump, deviated septum, and I might have a collapsed right side... READ MORE

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