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Dry, Sensitive Skin 3 Weeks After Vi Peel - Normal?

I had a Vi peel 3 weeks ago. I peeled nicely and my skin was really shiny, smooth, and moist 7 days post peel but now my skin has become dry all over... READ MORE

Very Dry New Skin on Days 3-5 After Vi Peel, What Can I do? (photo)

I got the peel done on Thursday evening. It is now Monday evening. My skin began to peel on Saturday and the majority of the skin has now peeled off.... READ MORE

Had V.I. Peel Four Days Ago. Post Peel Protectant Isn't Moisturizing Enough?

I had my V.I. Peel four days ago. I am mostly done with my peeling, but my face is extremely tight and dry. Which I know is normal in the process. I... READ MORE

Why Do I Have Leather Like Skin After Vpeel? Is This Normal?

I am on day 4 of my peel. My entire face has already peeled but my Tzone, chin and underside of chin/ neck are very dry, cracked and have a leather... READ MORE

No peeling, but dry and flaky around cheeks and forehead on day 5 of VI Peel, is this normal?

I received the VI Peel 5 days ago and my cheeks and forehead are both extremely dry and flaky but are not peeling. I only notice my skin making... READ MORE

My skin is very dry and tight. Is this normal? (Photo)

I got a vipeel Thursday evening and had red skin after peeling. I woke up this morning with a bleeding blister. I am using the cream as direct very... READ MORE

How many days does it take to get my normal, soft, moist skin back?

I'm an 18 year old of middle eastern descent and I had some pigmented spots so I decided to have the Vi peel, did that like 7 days ago and I'm... READ MORE

Day 6 of my VI peel , I peeled nicely and now I have cracked dry skin on my chin, will this get better? (photo)

I am worried , 6 days after my VI peel,used the kit accordingly, the skin on my chin, became dry cracked, draker and scaly. I have been moisturizing... READ MORE

Why did the Vi Peel cause my skin to get clogged pores everywhere?

A week after the procedure, my skin looked amazing for about two days. However, after that, my skin got extremely dry and it looked like it did when... READ MORE

My new skin 6 days post peel is VERY tight and flaky, my facial movements are restricted.

I am on day 6 post the perfect derma peel. I peeled on day 3 and 4 and a little on day 5 my new skin is very tight and dry. the skin around my eyes is... READ MORE

Post VI peel skin is dry, cracking, seeping yellowish inflammatory fluid, and burns with no matter what I put on it. (photo)

The skin on my chin on both sides of my mouth are extremely dry and no matter what I put on it, it burns. Last night, the only thing I could find to... READ MORE

Whit can I do about cracked skin that is now raw after my vi-peel?

I did my Vi-peel on Friday at 12pm and started peeling the very next day. Today is Monday and I have peeled a lot and it seems the area around my... READ MORE

Could Skin Peel a Second Time After Having an Initial VI Peel?

I had a VI peel 6 days ago. I tried not to pick at my skin but did do some gentle picking especially around my mouth and nose. My skin around these... READ MORE

I Got the Vi Peel and After It Peeled Around my Mouth, Its SO Dry Now! What is Up with This??

I got the Vi peel 4 days ago so of course the part around my mouth has fully peeled off, but after it peeled off its been extremely dry around my... READ MORE

VI peel around the eyes. The skin looks dry and super wrinkly. Will this go away?

I did my very first peel on feb 10th. I was afraid to do it around my eyes but the skin care professional said itwill help with the fine lines. Now 4... READ MORE

Dry, saggy, itchy skin on eyelids day 5 after Vi peel. Should I be moisturizing more or less to help this process along? (photo)

I have the basic vi peel on Monday. Today is Friday and I have followed the post peel directions implicitly. The peel was applied to the eyelids as... READ MORE

Burning after Vi Peel and sore from Botox. Is this normal? I have normal to dry skin. Was the Vi Peel necessary?

Today my face is really hot. I've cleansed with Cetaphil and used a fragrance-free moisturizer. Will this feeling go away soon? Second, the NP who... READ MORE

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