Dry, Sensitive Skin 3 Weeks After Vi Peel - Normal?

I had a Vi peel 3 weeks ago. I peeled nicely and my skin was really shiny, smooth, and moist 7 days post peel but now my skin has become dry all over and it feels rough. My skin It also has a hot sensation all over it. It is also flaky. Is this normal and will it go away? I had a rhinoplasty and facial fat grafting the same day as the peel. I did not use any exfoliants on my skin over 2 weeks pre-peel. I am using sulfacetaminde sodium topical suspension at night for some breakouts I also got.

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Dry, Sensitive Skin 3 Weeks After Vi Peel - Normal?

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Yes, it is normal to still be dry and sensitive considering anesthesia and using the topical sulfacetaminde.  Both can cause dryness and sensitivity.

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