Whit can I do about cracked skin that is now raw after my vi-peel?

I did my Vi-peel on Friday at 12pm and started peeling the very next day. Today is Monday and I have peeled a lot and it seems the area around my mouth is very dry and peeling again. That's fine. Except I'm very worried because I laughed a little while ago and literally felt the right corner of my chin tear a little. I'm very worried that it will scar. Also my Post Peel Protectant and Sunscreen burn my skin on application but only for 1 minute. Can anyone guide me as to how to care for the tear?

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VI Peel side effects

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Your VI Peel side effects are normal, so hang in there! It is common for the post-peel protectant to sting for a minute or so after you use it, and the company recommends that you continue to use it despite this. The cortisone in the cream prevents inflammatory reactions to the peel which can create brown spots.  I recommend Aquaphor or Eucerin for the dry, sensitive or cracking areas that occur. You can be generous with it, and it makes it feel better! Don't use anything with perfume or fragrance in it. Enjoy the results of your peel! When the peeling stops your skin will look great!

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Vi peel

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Everything you describe is normal after Vi Peel. Keep using your aftercare kit products and hang in there. Soon enough you will be seeing your results. Good luck!

Hardik Soni, MD (not currently practicing)
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