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Any Way to Get Rid of Skin Fold After Vaser Hi-Def? (photo)

Nine weeks ago I had Vaser Hi-Def performed on my abdomen, flank and back. From day one I have had a six inch long fold of skin above my belly button.... READ MORE

My Vaser Lipo Looks Worse After 2 Weeks Than I Did on Day 1. Why?

The first day after my surgery everything looked great (even though I was in a ton of pain). Now my love handles are bigger than day one and my skin... READ MORE

How Important is It to Get a Phase2 Garment After Lipo? I'm Having a Hard Time Finding One.

I'm 17 days out from vaser lipo of the abdomen ,flank, upper back, lateral thigh, anterior thigh, knee, sacrum and mons and vaser smooth to the... READ MORE

Was my Vaser Liposuction Not Aggressive Enough?

I had vaser liposuction two weeks ago, for my lower and upper abs, flanks and lower back. My concern is that I still can grab more than a handful of... READ MORE

Wrinkled skin its 15 days post Vaser on abdomen and flanks?

I am wearing the compression garment. I saw that the skin on my abdomen looks very ugly and wrinkled and darker. Will this come back to normal? READ MORE

Is a lymphatic drainage massage essential after Vaser liposuction? If so, when should I have one?

Is it essential to have lymphatic drainage massage after vaser liposuction? Is so how soon should I have one? I'm just over 11 days post vaser... READ MORE

Losing my Hourglass After Liposuction?

I recently had vaser liposuction done on my upper and lower abs and love handles, and it has been 2 weeks since my procedure. I used to have a very... READ MORE

What is That White Cheese Looking Thing Inside the Wound?

I had vaser lipo done 2wks ago, but i got a burn under my navel area. md told me to put silverdines cream 2x/day which i did. however, i noticed white... READ MORE

Is It Normal at Two Weeks After Vaser/smart Lipo for my Stomach to Sag After Garment off a Little While?

I had Vaser Lipo/Smart Lipo 2 weeks ago on my abs, hip area & saddlebags. I spent 7,500 and feel flabbier. I took my garment off yesterday and may... READ MORE

What Will Happen if I Stop Wearing my Garment After Aggressive Vaser (17 Days Post)? Was in Decent Shape Before See Pics

Hi all, I had Vaser on sep 25th and it's been so hard the recovery. I'm very chlosteophobic and I realy cant take the garment. Its on and off all day.... READ MORE

Do I Need a LPG Treatment? (photo)

I have a vaser liposuction 12 days ago, first my abdominal was full of liquid i can feel it, but 3days later it became solid but still swollen as... READ MORE

2 weeks in with vaserlipo. I see absolutely no changes except for swelling and bruising. Am I on track?

I am 2 weeks in since I had vaser on all areas of my thighs, knees, and all around "spare tire." I see no changes at all. My fat is in the same exact... READ MORE

Swelling, bruising and garment after vaser to thighs. Any suggestions? (photos)

I'm now 12 days post op vaser lipo to inner/outter thighs and knees. I was given 2 garments.They are medium tight I would say. really struggling to... READ MORE

Am I too late into recovery to get rid of the lumps I'm feeling and seeing?

I had VASER liposuction on my upper and lower abdomen, upper and lower back and flanks. I am 13 days post surgery and noticing lumps. After reading... READ MORE

12 days post op vaser - Worried, is it normal to get a lump that just won't go away with massaging? (photos)

It appears that the garment caused the original dent during the first couple days because it is in the same area as the seam but the lump is hard and... READ MORE

Vaser Liposuction Concern: I'm twice the size before my procedure. Is this normal?

I had Vaser Lipo two weeks ago on my abs, arms and legs... I'm twice the size before my procedure. My doctor says this is normal, but I'm very... READ MORE

How long after VASER can I fly?

Two weeks after my vaser lipo i have a long haul flight scheduled, it is important that i go. Considering i am taking all the correct healing measures... READ MORE

I have had vaser lipo on my lower abdomen, pubic and thighs. Today is day 12. What happens if I don't have a lymphatic drainage?

The vaser lipo was done on my inner, outer and front thighs, as well as my lower abdomen and pubic. The days after the op my pubic was really swollen... READ MORE

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