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How Long Does It Take to Show the Final Vaser Lipo Results For Mid Section & Back?

I had vase done for the mid section and back 9weeks ago,how long do I need to wait to see the final results? READ MORE

Is It Normal To Still Be Swelling When Not Wearing Compression Belt 2 Months Post-Op Vaser?

I am 43 yrs old woman, 9 weeks post op vaser on my upper and lower abs and back,one week after the procedure and post ops,my doc advised me the use of... READ MORE

Does Swelling Get Worse After VASER Lipo?

I am at the two month mark after my procedure and I am 'thicker' than I was two weeks ago. I had VASER on my upper and lower abs, full back flanks and... READ MORE

10 Wks Post Op from Vaser Lipo on Upper/lower Abs and Flanks...Feel Not All FAT Removed Fr Abs? (photo)

My stomach went down alot from pre-op..I have couple of lumps..will my stomach continue to go down...I feel I will need a touch up...I think fat was... READ MORE

Is This Swelling, A Missed Area, or "Final" Result? (photo)

I'm 2 mos from abdominal VASER under G.A. 700 cc were removed. I'm 5'7 & 155 lbs. I asked my doc this week if the flab (see pic)... READ MORE

My Partner Had Vaser Lipo Selection 7 Weeks Ago, a Very Large Fist Size Lump Has Now Come Up Between His Upper and Lower Abs ???

This lump is very large, tennis ball size, it looks like a heamatoma. It appeared suddenly 6 days ago, 7 weeks post vaser lipo in the area that was... READ MORE

Concern About Swelling / Skin Retraction 8 Weeks After Vaser Liposuction?

Good day, I had Vaser Lipo on my inner thighs, abdomen and flank 8 weeks ago. 1200 ccs were removed from my abdomen and flanks and approx 300 cc from... READ MORE

2 Months Post Vaser Lipo and Belly is Swelling?

I was liking the results till now .where my belly was very flat and looking good ...but for some reason it looks like iam pregnant now after 2 months... READ MORE

Concerned About the Flanks? (photo)

Had Vaser Lipo on Abs/Flanks 2 months ago. I see a difference in abs though is still lumpy and tight across upper abs spanning whole front body but... READ MORE

I Have Joint Pain in my Knees Following my Lipo, Full Torso Male, 7 Weeks Ago. Is This Normal?

I am 7 weeks out. Full torso lipo Vaser/tickle in my abs upper and lower and flanks and lovehandles and Smart on my breasts. I am a 50 year old man.... READ MORE

Did my PS deliberately suction my banana rolls? Bad, dented results on legs, ptosis of buttocks from Vaser lipo 2 mth ago. photo

My legs have been left with dents and divots and I have since developed ptosis of the buttocks. I'm trying to understand what happened. I specifically... READ MORE

I had vaser lipo 7 weeks ago. Will it ever look better? I have very hard lumpy patches with very uneven skin tone.

The results at present is that I have very hard lumpy patches with very uneven skin tone and bunching of skin on some places. I have had manual... READ MORE

When will I see final results Vaser Lipo? (photos)

I had Vader lipo 7 weeks ago I'm wondering if my results are final . I want to tone the area via excercise but wondering if this is the end result or... READ MORE

2 months after vaser lipo on abdomen and flanks, no results ? (photos)

I went under vaser lipo hi def on 1st Dec for my abdomen and flanks, almost 2 months has gone by and I hardly see any improvement specially on my... READ MORE

Excess skin, botched procedure or what?

Had Vaser 4D on my abdomen and hips with fat transfer to the chest almost two months ago. Still, no sight of a six-pack (there is some hint only when... READ MORE

Vaser Lipo on May 15,12 I Have Seen Some Results but my Mid Back Not Much. What Can I Do?

I did vaser Lipo in May on abs, if back, lower back and flanks. I see some results in the abdomen but the bra line is still big. I told my surgeon but... READ MORE

Discoloration and scar tissue from aggressive hi def vaser liposuction -13 weeks post. Any suggestions? (photos)

Hi - I was severely bruised from my Lipo. My surgeon was aggressive since I had little fat to begin with, but now I'm over 13 weeks post and have... READ MORE

Vaser on stomach and flanks: Uneven result and flanks still holding fluid/fat? (photos)

Please see my pictures for pre and post 8 weeks of my vaser. My stomach seems fine but my main concern area was always my flanks which i wanted... READ MORE

Would a body wrap treatment 1.5 months after vaser liposuction help with the swelling?

I got vaser lipo on 8/21. Its 10/7 and i do see a slight difference in my midsection, but the skin is still extremely loose and jiggly, just as it was... READ MORE

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