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Alternative to steri-strips?

Hello. I notice many patients have the tape/steri strips over their tummy tuck incisions. I had a horrible reaction to the strips with my last... READ MORE

When Can I Stop Worrying About my Tummy Tuck Incision Pulling Apart? I Am Just over 2 Wks Post-op. (photo)

My incision is healing very well, but my Steri-Strips have come off in the shower so I no longer have that extra help holding the incision closed.... READ MORE

Should I remove steri-strips 22 days after Tummy Tuck? (photo)

Hi, I had a tummy tuck 22 days ago and the doctor when he saw me at my first and last post-op visit with him 5 days after my surgery (he lives in... READ MORE

3 Wks Post Op from Abdominoplasty Red, Burning, Irritation from Steristips? Do I Leave Them Off? Or Put Them Back On? (photo)

Should I get a lotion/cream or medication for the irritation? Shpuld I put the steristips back on? Or leave off. The surgical bra and annd compression... READ MORE

Best Garments for Tummy Tuck and Bbl

Having a bbl and tummy tuck with lipo and wondering what is the best garments post op to buy foe the best healing along with what is better steroid or... READ MORE

Can silicone strips be applied over steri-strips?

I had a tummy tuck three weeks ago. The steri-strip is still very much attached over the incision. I wanted to start using silicone gell strips at... READ MORE

Steri-strips... Should they be pulled? Or changed? (photo)

8days post TTop, today got the dressing changed. My ques is abt the "steri-tapes" which r there under my bandaid. Today nurse wanted to REMOVE the... READ MORE

What do I do about weeping blisters all around my incision 3 weeks post op after tummy tuck? (Photo)

I have a blistering, weeping rash in the shape of every one of my steri strips that was removed. How do I treat it? If I put anything on it, it burns... READ MORE

Incision open 4 weeks post tummy tuck. What do I do about it? Will it keep spreading? (Photo)

What do I do about this incision? I am 4 weka post PPP. No idea how it happened. Will it keep spreading? Do I put steri strips on ot? My dr is out of... READ MORE

For tummy tucks, why wouldn't a surgeon use steri strips on incisions?

I see most tummy tuck reviews that a moist tape is place over incisions line, however in my case, my incisions weren't taped, not sure why. I am a... READ MORE

Underwent TT with Lipo of Flanks 11/2. Have Had a Tough Recovery. Chose a PS with over 30year Experience?

In NYC. Developed severe allergic reaction to steri strips and BB area hard/red. PS rec medrol dose pack and hydrocortisone. Also told me to stop... READ MORE

What is a Tape Therapy?

I had my tummy tuck last week. The dressing was removed the day after, And today, POD 6, my PS removed my drain and some of my belly button sutures.... READ MORE

Will Removing Steri Strips Daily Ruin the Results of a Scar Revision Done 1 Week Ago from a Previous Abominoplasty?

The doctor used dissoluble sutures on the scar with steri strips, said to leave them on until they fall off, and to put new ones on when that happened... READ MORE

What is the best way to hold the outer tummy tuck incision together? (Photo)

What is the best way to hold the outer tummy tuck incision together to get the thinnest scar - type of sutures, no sutures, steri strips and clue ?... READ MORE

Small opening on tummy tuck incision. Should I put a steri strip on it or let it open? (Photo)

I had a tummy tuck and Lipo 4 weeks ago and today the scab fell off and left this small opening. I'm wondering if I should put a steri strip on it or... READ MORE

The center of my TT incision is opening? (Photo)

My TT was 5 wks ago. I got blisters from the steri strips so when the rest of the incision was covered with tape (at 2 wks) this 4.5" area was left... READ MORE

Is incision from drain tube healing properly? (Photo)

My TT drainage tube was removed 4 days ago. I asked the doctor about steri strips to help the hole close and he said to cleanse 2-3 times a day with... READ MORE

Steri strip bleeding, normal? One week post tummy tuck (Photo)

Is this a normal thing.? About one week post tummy tuck and I noticed this morning de Fresh blood from the center of my incision .. READ MORE

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