My Ps Told Me to Take my Steri Strips off but They Are Stuck to my Skin. How Do I Get Them Off?

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Warm water

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While you take a shower, let the warm water moisten them. This will help make it easier to remove. Near the end of your shower, you can then try to take them off carefully.

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Be patient and use luke warm water.

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Steristrips can be easily removed by applying luke warm water while in the shower. In most cases, steristrips loosen on their own and are easily removed. Rarely they become adherent to the underlying skin. When this happens it’s important to be patient. Eventually the edges start to lift and they can be easily removed.

Steristrips Removal Is Straight Forward

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Thank you for your question. I understand that you are concerned about hurting your incision.  This is unlikely,  For your comfort, it is best to wet the strips in a warm shower.  This should loosen them and any dried blood on the incision causing them to stick.  Going forward, keep you incision clean and dry. Apply antibiotic ointment to any open areas and cover with a bandaid.  There is no harm in leaving them on to fall off on their own or to return to the office to have them removed by a nurse. Best wishes.

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Steri-strips can be loosened with warm water.

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If you are permitted to shower, allow the water to gently moisten and warm the steri-strips.  They will come up easily at that point.

Baby oil for steri strips

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Baby oil can soften the glue that causes the steri strips to stick. Rub on the baby oil, let it sit for a few minutes, then give it a try.  Another alternative already mentioned is to use warm water in the shower.

Steri strips can be taken off in the shower

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Thank you for the question.  There is no harm in leaving the steri strips on in they fall off on their own.  If you would like to removed them skin adhesive remover works well or taking them off in the shower is also very helpful.

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Dr Remus Repta

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Stuck steristrips

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I advise patients to allow the steristrips to loosen up until they come off without placing tension on the wound. It should be easier to loosen them in the shower. Otherwise, I am sure that your plastic surgeon would be glad to remove them for you.

Taking Steri Strips off after Tummy Tuck

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        Steristrips will usually come off in the shower, but they can be quite resilient.  Do not force them off.  If you cannot get in touch with your doctor's office during the holidays, do not worry.  Whether these fall off today or three days later matters little

Removing steri-strips

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In general, it is easier to take the steri-strips off when they are wet, such as after a shower. Some surgeons apply an adhesive to the skin before applying the steri-strips, which helps them stick and stay on longer. You can use an adhesive remover (from your plastic surgeons office) on your skin, starting at one end of the steristrip and applying to the skin as you peel the tape back. If you are having difficulty removing the steri-strips even when wet or with adhesive remover, ask your surgeon to help you remove them.

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Removing Steri Strips?

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Thank you for your question.

Sometimes, applying hydrogen peroxide on the steri strips helps with their removal (soak the tape until it come off easily).  You may want to call your surgeon's office to see if they have any other advice for you.

Best wishes.

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