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Nausea, Hardening of Stomach and Burning Pain After Tummy Tuck?

Hi, I am 2 weeks post op and I notice that after my drains were removed my stomach started growing a little in size and is now rock hard. The more I... READ MORE

How to Avoid Nausea from Tummy Tuck Anesthesia?

I am 50 years old, no children, lost 30 lbs. Back to normal weight. Having a tummy tuck end of September 2010. I have a high tolerance for pain but... READ MORE

Eyes Dilated After Scopolamine Patch, how long will this last?

I had a tummy tuck on Monday and was given the patch to avoid nausea and vomiting that may affect my muscle repair. The patch worked. I had no nausea.... READ MORE

Does percoset make you sick?

I got my TT 2 days ago...and had dry heaves when I got home then later...then again this morning. I only took Zofran...Once this morning. I have a... READ MORE

Why is There So Much Redness Spreading Below my Abdomen

I had tt lipo 16 days ago. All was fine. Had my 1st drain out in six days. Wed. I had pain and to my pubic and drain area. I called the MD and he... READ MORE

Underwent TT and Lipo of Flanks 11/2. Stopped Pain Meds After 3 Days. My Biggest Complaint?

Acid feeling/nausea in stomach. It is similar to the beginning of pregnancy, and trust me I am not pregnant! It is terrible. Any suggestions? READ MORE

Is it normal for incision or below to feel rock hard? Should I be prescribed another 7 days of Bactrim? (Photo)

I had a full tummy tuck with lipo in flanks and hernia repair done 2.5 weeks ago by a board certified plastic surgeon. I started developing an... READ MORE

When should I put on my anti-nausea patch before surgery?

I have my tummy tuck coming up soon on January 7th. I have an anti-nausea patch to put on before surgery. When should I put it on to get the best... READ MORE

I get discomfort and pain just above the belly button area and nausea, is this normal?

I had been taken of binder because I had contact dermatitis from it. I was told to wear spanx or gridle but I sometimes feel they are so tight they... READ MORE

Hello I am 4 weeks post op from a tummy tuck. My nauseau fades away then comes back. Is this normal?

Till today I feel nausea most days, lately I feel it more even if I just drink water. The nausea fades away then comes back. Is this normal? My doctor... READ MORE

I have nausea 2 weeks after extended tummy tuck etc. Could this be an infection, or an allergic reaction to meds?

I had an extended tummy tuck and Lipo of hips and outer thighs and a fat graft in buttocks on 7/27/15. My recovery was going fine until Friday I began... READ MORE

I have diastasis recti, not from pregnancy, what are my treatment options?

I am a 22 year old female that believes to have a slight ab separation, maybe an inch. My midline protrudes, even though I'm considered slim (5'6 ft... READ MORE

I need incisional repair. Diastasis recti diagnosed since hernia. Should I be worried about bruising, pain & nausea? (Photo)

The surgeon doesn't seem worried about the DR but the bruising, nausea and pain continues. Should I be concerned about these issues? Do I push the... READ MORE

Nausia and Mild Stomach Ache?

I had a full tt with muscle tightning 18 days ago, for about 4 days now by late afternoon ill get a stomach ache and nausia, ive also been taking 1000... READ MORE

3 months post op Tummy Tuck, I have nausea and pain. Is this normal?

I was better about 10 weeks out. then i jogged after being told it was ok. now i feel ten times worse. nausea, pain and severe discomfort. what can i do?? READ MORE

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