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5 Months After my Tummy Tuck with Lipo, and Looks Like I'm 3 Months Pregnant Sometimes

I feel like I am 3 months pregnant woman sometimes; when I have my stomach suck in is fine but when I don't this is how I look I include some... READ MORE

Pseudo-bursa? Procedure & Recovery. 8 Months Out From TT? (photo)

8 months out from a Tummy Tuck with about 12 needle aspirations for persistent seromas. Very uncomfortable scar tissue and my belly is distended 8"... READ MORE

Mysterious Abdominal Distention After Abdominoplasty, What's Going On? (photo)

I had abdominoplasty/double hernia repair 16 months ago. Shortly after, I noticed severe abdominal distention. I look at least 6 months pregnant at... READ MORE

Could Distended Lower Abs After Tummy Tuck Be A Seroma?

I am 5 weeks post tummy tuck. My upper abs are very flat but right below my incision is extremely distended . It's as though I have a donut around... READ MORE

Tummy Tuck my Stomach is Distending After Second Surgery. Why? (photo)

I had a tummy tuck last July, the doctor did not take enough off, in fact he took almost more off the second surgery. I had a flat stomach but... READ MORE

I'm 7 Weeks Post Op, and I'm Bigger Than I Was At Week 4. Do I Need a 2nd Tummy Tuck?

I'm almost 7 weeks post tummy tuck and not satisfied with results. I am not flat at all and I have a distention with pain on the left side over... READ MORE

Abdominal Swelling 5 Years After A Tummy Tuck and Then Full Lower Body Lift?

I had two children by csection, 11 years later I had a tummy tuck in October 2006 with minor swelling. In May 2007 I had a lower body lift and my... READ MORE

Feels Like my Upper Ab Muscles Have "Let Go"? 19 Days PO TT/BA/BL .

1) Since waking up this morning my upper abdominal muscles have felt strange. "not engaged"is the only way i know to describe it.After 2... READ MORE

Is There Any Danger to Doing a Second Tummy Tuck to Improve Results?

I had a tummy tuck two years ago and while it helped some, my belly is still distended. Other surgeons look at it and say that he actually did a mini... READ MORE

What Kind of Revision is Needed for Tummy Tuck Failure Related to Vomiting Post Op?

I had a stomach virus and vomited approx 30 times within the first 48 hrs of my Tummy Tuck. The first 2 days my stomach was flat and has been... READ MORE

Please offer an opinion as to what is going on, at a complete loss. Near 8 months post full TT w/ MR, no lipo. (Photo)

At 6 month post visit my surgeon explained fullness and distended stomach as GI issues and said I had a great result and my expectations were too high... READ MORE

7 months post tummy tuck. Upper abs distended & hardness around belly button. What's causing this? (Photo)

I'm following up with photos to previous question. Theses are photos 7 mos post tummy tuck. Weight gain 5 to 7 lbs. at most but area distended since... READ MORE

Scoliosis Patient with Slight Breathing Difficulty and Abdominal Pressure?

I have a distended belly due to scoliosis and 2 pregancies. I wear a girdle to hold in my belly. This creates an abdominal pressure that is... READ MORE

7 mo post Tummy Tuck. The entire stomach area above my navel is extremely distended/hard more than before my tummy tuck. Why?

The area around my navel is very hard (almost a lump) & very distended. When I exercise & eat it tends to distend even more. In fact I feel pregnant... READ MORE

Diastasis recti: how far apart do ab muscles need to be to make muscle tightening worth it?

My abs are apart above navel, tight below it. At the top they are an inch and a quarter apart, 3/4 inch apart above the belly button, and tight below... READ MORE

Stomach Feels and is So Distended. Will a TT Improve This Feeling?

Even after a normal sized healthy meal my stomach feels so uncomfortable and big. Will this improve after tummy tuck? It's like since the flab and... READ MORE

Got distended mid section abdomen last 3 months. No matter what I eat or drink it pops out.

Is it possible to have week more relaxed abdominal muscle and increased intraabdominal volume? Celiac disease negative, all endoscopy and colonoscopy... READ MORE

Can a tummy tuck help? (Photos)

Hello! I'm 20 years old and have lost around 60 pounds and kept it off for about half a year. I really dislike the distended stomach look and want the... READ MORE

I have chronic distention of my abdomen after Abdominoplasty. Is there a solution to this problem?

I am 58yrs old, a woman, a former patient of abdomino-plasty. Recently I have suffered with chronic distention of my abdomen. If requested, I... READ MORE

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