Hypopigmentation + TCA Peel

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Hypopigmentation After 35% Tca Peel- Indian Skin. What Are My Options? (photo)

Hi iam an indian. I applied tca peel 35% to my face.....I got some accident wounds on my face at that time which were under healing process. my skin... READ MORE

How to Treat Hypopigmentation and Hyperpigmentation? (photo)

I did a home tca 30% peel and burnt myself 2nd degree deep burns. It has been a month now and I have both hypopigmentation and hyperpigmentation and... READ MORE

Risk of Hypopigmentation in TCA Cross

I was planning to get TCA Cross on my scars, but one doctor told that I risk hypopigmentation. Is this true? READ MORE

Will Hypopigmentation Recover After TCA Peel?

So after doing a TCA Peel, I've ended up with Hypopigmentation (White color skin) in a lot of my areas. I have Indian brown type of skin. It's been 2... READ MORE

How long will it take for my skin to come back to normal color after 30% tca peel?

I got a chemical peel a week ago and now all the skin is peeled off and my skin is left very discolored. I have serious hypopigmentation and redness.... READ MORE

Redundant to Have 35% TCA Peel a Year After Fraxel Restore?

I have Fraxel Laser (Restore) a year ago. I feel the skin is soft, but the hypopigmented scar and bumps are still there. I think probably Fraxel... READ MORE

TCA 2nd Peel Safe After Hypopigmentation?

I did a home TCA peel (12%) a year ago to improve hyperpigmentation and stupidly pulled a couple of scabs off early which left small white... READ MORE

How do I get rid of severe redness 1 year after TCA Peel? (photos)

Its been one whole year since I carried a TCA (100%) peel treatment at home. My cheeks are still extremely red and hypo pigmented, especially my left... READ MORE

40% TCA spot treatment caused hyper pigmentation or hypopigmentation. Will there be scarring?

I'm even more confused then b4! I'm 31days post TCA peel and after Consulting 2 dermatologist and burn unit at the ER I still don't have a direct... READ MORE

Tca Peeling After Tattoo Laser Removal PLEASE Help? (photo)

I had a tattoo on my back and I removed it by laser. It was only black and the laser made a good job by removing the ink, BUT now it looks like I have... READ MORE

Post inflammatory hypopigmentation after TCA peel 9 months ago. Is it permanent? (Photo)

So it burned me and I now have a light pink scar or hypopigmentation across Entire forehead.it has not improved in the 9 months.will the colour ever... READ MORE

What to Do with Whiter Neck Skin After TCA Peel?

I applied a 20% TCA peel to my neck and face. Everything is working well in my face but on my neck, I got some scars. When it peeled, my skin is so... READ MORE

White Raised Areas After TCA Peel Cross

Thought I was carrying out TCA Peel Cross on some small ice pick acne scars, but when I read back over the method, I have done it completely wrong. I... READ MORE

30% TCA Peel on Arm Scar. Now It Looks Like a White, Pink Patch. What Can I Do to Get my Color Back?

About 3 months ago I bought a 30% TCA peel to make a scar on my arm better. Right after I used it, I felt it burn. I was told that it was normal and... READ MORE

Pink Patch After TCA Peel, How Long Until It Returns to My Dark Skin Tone?

I have pink patchs on my face after my tca peel, how long will it take to go? By the way I have dark skin tone. READ MORE

Can Differin Make Hypo-pigmentation Worse?

Hi I had a 8% tca peel done under my eye by a dermatologist who went to aggressive and caused more hyper-pigmentation and now hypo-pigmentation. I... READ MORE

Hypo Pigmentation After Tca Peel?

I got hypo-pigmentation lines under my eye after a tca peel one year ago done by a dermatologist. It seems like some developed 10 months after the... READ MORE

My Skin Getting Worse After TCA Peel. Can This Be Healed?

I started a CO2 medlite laser treatment to remove my birthmark. After 5 sessions,the results is not significant.So my derma gave me a TCA peel.However... READ MORE

Light Areas on my Face After TCA Peel? (photo)

I perfomed a peel at home and afterwards i noticed extremely light areas on my chin and along my jawline. What can I do to fix this? READ MORE

Hypopigmentation Permanent from 50% TCA Chemical Peel On Face?

I'm 16, and I know that's a little young to get a chemical peel. It's just, being a teenager in this society with the pressures of appearance has lead... READ MORE

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