Hypopigmentation + TCA Peel

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Hypopigmentation After 35% Tca Peel- Indian Skin. What Are My Options? (photo)

Hi iam an indian. I applied tca peel 35% to my face.....I got some accident wounds on my face at that time which were under healing process. my skin... READ MORE

How to Treat Hypopigmentation and Hyperpigmentation? (photo)

I did a home tca 30% peel and burnt myself 2nd degree deep burns. It has been a month now and I have both hypopigmentation and hyperpigmentation and... READ MORE

Risk of Hypopigmentation in TCA Cross

I was planning to get TCA Cross on my scars, but one doctor told that I risk hypopigmentation. Is this true? READ MORE

Will Hypopigmentation Recover After TCA Peel?

So after doing a TCA Peel, I've ended up with Hypopigmentation (White color skin) in a lot of my areas. I have Indian brown type of skin. It's been 2... READ MORE

Redundant to Have 35% TCA Peel a Year After Fraxel Restore?

I have Fraxel Laser (Restore) a year ago. I feel the skin is soft, but the hypopigmented scar and bumps are still there. I think probably Fraxel... READ MORE

TCA 2nd Peel Safe After Hypopigmentation?

I did a home TCA peel (12%) a year ago to improve hyperpigmentation and stupidly pulled a couple of scabs off early which left small white... READ MORE

How do I get rid of severe redness 1 year after TCA Peel? (photos)

Its been one whole year since I carried a TCA (100%) peel treatment at home. My cheeks are still extremely red and hypo pigmented, especially my left... READ MORE

How long will it take for my skin to come back to normal color after 30% tca peel?

I got a chemical peel a week ago and now all the skin is peeled off and my skin is left very discolored. I have serious hypopigmentation and redness.... READ MORE

Tca Peeling After Tattoo Laser Removal PLEASE Help? (photo)

I had a tattoo on my back and I removed it by laser. It was only black and the laser made a good job by removing the ink, BUT now it looks like I have... READ MORE

40% TCA spot treatment caused hyper pigmentation or hypopigmentation. Will there be scarring?

I'm even more confused then b4! I'm 31days post TCA peel and after Consulting 2 dermatologist and burn unit at the ER I still don't have a direct... READ MORE

I am dark skin. I have a lot of hyper and hypo pigmentation because SJS/TENs. Can a TCA peel help get rid of body discoloration?

I am a SJS/TENs survivor. It has been 2 years since my hospitalization. I have healed pretty nicely thank God. I just have a lot of skin discoloration... READ MORE

What to Do with Whiter Neck Skin After TCA Peel?

I applied a 20% TCA peel to my neck and face. Everything is working well in my face but on my neck, I got some scars. When it peeled, my skin is so... READ MORE

White Raised Areas After TCA Peel Cross

Thought I was carrying out TCA Peel Cross on some small ice pick acne scars, but when I read back over the method, I have done it completely wrong. I... READ MORE

30% TCA Peel on Arm Scar. Now It Looks Like a White, Pink Patch. What Can I Do to Get my Color Back?

About 3 months ago I bought a 30% TCA peel to make a scar on my arm better. Right after I used it, I felt it burn. I was told that it was normal and... READ MORE

Pink Patch After TCA Peel, How Long Until It Returns to My Dark Skin Tone?

I have pink patchs on my face after my tca peel, how long will it take to go? By the way I have dark skin tone. READ MORE

Can Differin Make Hypo-pigmentation Worse?

Hi I had a 8% tca peel done under my eye by a dermatologist who went to aggressive and caused more hyper-pigmentation and now hypo-pigmentation. I... READ MORE

Hypo Pigmentation After Tca Peel?

I got hypo-pigmentation lines under my eye after a tca peel one year ago done by a dermatologist. It seems like some developed 10 months after the... READ MORE

Light Areas on my Face After TCA Peel? (photo)

I perfomed a peel at home and afterwards i noticed extremely light areas on my chin and along my jawline. What can I do to fix this? READ MORE

My Skin Getting Worse After TCA Peel. Can This Be Healed?

I started a CO2 medlite laser treatment to remove my birthmark. After 5 sessions,the results is not significant.So my derma gave me a TCA peel.However... READ MORE

Hypopigmentation Permanent from 50% TCA Chemical Peel On Face?

I'm 16, and I know that's a little young to get a chemical peel. It's just, being a teenager in this society with the pressures of appearance has lead... READ MORE

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