Hypopigmentation After 35% Tca Peel- Indian Skin. What Are My Options? (photo)

hi iam an indian. I applied tca peel 35% to my face.....I got some accident wounds on my face at that time which were under healing process. my skin lost colour and turned to white on some locations. Now my situation is worsen. some one please help. Can i go for melanocyte transplantation on lost pigmentation. does it work? Iam posting my photos aswell

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Chemical peel with pigment loss

I do not know how much after your peel these photos were taken.. In some of your photographs, it  appears that the dark areas may be just burnt  superficial skin and need peeling.  If this is not the case and the photos are more than three weeks old, would not do anything and concur with Dr. Resnick that you should seek out a trained professional.  The loss of pigment may be permanent.

San Diego Plastic Surgeon
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Burns after TCA

It is difficult to assess the possibility of permanent scarring without knowing when the peel was done. I would seek out a dermatologist ASAP and get care for your burns. The darker the skin, the less pleasing the scars will look. Please do not peel yourself again; a lot of skill is needed to peel darker skin, and a dermatologist or plastic surgeon skilled in peeling is the best source.

Barry Resnik, MD
Miami Dermatologist
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