What is the appropriate treatment for hypopigmentation caused by a TCA peel? Will the color go back to normal?

TCA caused my face to have these BIG white, hypopigmented/discolored patches. It has been already 2 months. First question: What can I do to regain its color back? Second question: WILL the color ever be back? If so, for how long?

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TCA and white areas.

Need to see some photos to give the best advice. We also need to know a lot more info. namely your skin type, the concentration of TCA, any history of vitiligo, number of coats of TCA, after care etc....etc... To get pigment back I use a combination of lasers, Lumigan, phototherapy and Recell. Always a solution possible. CheersDr Davin LimBrisbane, Australia. 

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Hypopigmentation after TCA Peel -- Fraxel, Viva, Microneedling/PRP, Sun Protection

Please post photos for further evaluation. I have found the best treatments for this are a combination.  Nothing "cures" this completely but you can get improvement with Fraxel or viva and microneedling with PRP.  I suggest only seeing an expert as skin care and sun protection will be essential as well.  Best, Dr. Emer

Jason Emer, MD
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