Bruising + Smart Lipo

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How Much Bruising and Swelling Does Smart Lipo Cause?

I assume smart lipo requires lots of downtime to recover.  no swimsuits for a few months READ MORE

Blisters and Bruising After Smartlipo and Tummy Tuck Surgery

I had Tummy Tuck and Smart Lipo done last week, and I've had fever (as high as 104.1, and hangs around 101.4 when I'm taking Tylenol) since then. The... READ MORE

How Long Before Smart Lipo Bruising Heals?

I had Smart Lipo done on the saddlebags on my outer thighs last Friday. Not too bad, only that I had leakage on one thigh on that day. Now, I'm... READ MORE

1 Week After Smart Lipo - I Am Covered in Bruises and Skin Feels Numb/Sore. Is This Normal?

I had Smart Lipo done last week on my banana rolls, lower abdomen and saddle bags. I had very little fat to remove, it was mostly done for sculpting... READ MORE

When Does Numbness and Bruising Go Away After Smart Lipo?

How should i treat the bruises so they'll go away quickly? they are yellow/green tones and red/blue tones. basically, all different stages.... READ MORE

How Can I Fix the Permanent Lumps and Bruising from my Smart Lipo?

I was in great shape, thin and toned despite a little flab on my arms. I had Smart Lipo on my arms. I had Smart Lipo 7 months ago for my arms and... READ MORE

Thigh Smart Lipo, 1+ Year Post Op and Have Bumps/Lumps/Bruising? (photo)

I had a thigh Smart Lipo in December 2011.It's been over a year and I still have bumps and lumps and bruises! The doctor said that it would get better... READ MORE

How is the Pain and Bruising After Smart Lipo?

Hi, my name is Ana. I'm going to have Smart Lipo done on Dec. 18 on the love handles, banana roll and inside of my thighs. I'm scared because my... READ MORE

After Smartlipo Questions. Bruising/Swelling No Getting Better. Normal?

I have my smartlipo for 5 days already, bruise is horrible and swollen is not getting any better. Drain spots closed. My Tummy is bigger than before.... READ MORE

How Long Should I Expect to Be Covering my Legs After Smart Lipo? (photo)

I am 20 years old I am very active and eat well, but I can never seem to get my thighs to tone up like the rest of my legs. I am getting my Inner... READ MORE

Smart Lipo on Bat Wings - When Can I Expect Results?

I had smart lipo done 4 days ago and all I see are bruises. They took nearly 900 cc's out. When can i expect results? I'm a mid 30's... READ MORE

2 Months After Arm Smart Lipo

I had arm smart lipo 2 months ago. My major concern is that it still hurts when I masagge and the middle section of the arms is still hard and looks... READ MORE

Uneven Swelling After Smart Lipo

One week after Smart Lipo, one of my sides is hard, swollen, now bruised, and a little tender to the touch. The other side is smoother with no... READ MORE

Bruising Around Incisions After Smart Lipo

I have 2 incisions around lower abdomen area and they don't seem to want to close and heal up. I have been putting peroxide on them to hopefully... READ MORE

Hardness After Smart-lipo?

I had smart lipo on my inner and outer thighs 2 weeks ago. Some areas, feel harder than others. I still have some bruising though the areas that are... READ MORE

Smart Lipo Bruising

I had Smart Lipo done on 2/12/09 and had a great deal of bruising. I know this obviously varies from patient to patient, but I had some dark, large... READ MORE

Did SmartLipo on Arms 10 Days Ago and I See No Change?

I have some minor bruising and a slight burning sensation near my elbows, but that is it! My trouble area was the upper arm. This part is still just... READ MORE

1 Month After Smartlipo Under the Eyes, When Will this Heal?

Hello.smartlipo under the eyes 1 month ago.wath to do? READ MORE

Aqualipo/smartlipo Bruising, Is this Normal?

I had aqualipo/smartlipo done on march 22. The bruising is very severe. At my one week follow up the nurse told me that some people bruise worse than... READ MORE

Healing from Smart Lipo Bruises?

I experienced massive bruising after my procedure. I was told that was incurred by something that I took before the procedure. I am taking vitamin C,... READ MORE

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