1 Week After Smart Lipo - I Am Covered in Bruises and Skin Feels Numb/Sore. Is This Normal?

I had Smart Lipo done last week on my banana rolls, lower abdomen and saddle bags. I had very little fat to remove, it was mostly done for sculpting specific fat pockets. It's been a week and my thighs are covered in black and blue bruises and are sore, my banana roll area is so sore and tender that I can't sit for too long without having to get up and walk it off, and my abdomen feels numb to the touch and is a little sore and very swollen. When does the bruising and pain go away??

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Bleeding causes bruises and bruise hurt.

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Bleeding causes bruises and bruises hurt. Usually regular liposuction is used after Smartlipo to remove any blood, liquid fat, etc. The laser energy in Smartlipo indiscriminately liquifies whatever tissues it come into contact with including nerves. Some patients note more post-operative pain or numbness with laser or ultrasound liposuction.

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1 Week After Smart Lipo - I Am Covered in Bruises and Skin Feels Numb/Sore. Is This Normal

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Thank you for your question.  Bruising and numbness can occur with liposuction.  Bruising will resolve in 1-3 weeks.  The photo is limited but I would go see your Plastic Surgeon for an examination and for reassurance.   Best Wishes


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Post smart lipo often yields bruising that varies in length of time and severity. Pain is a very individual issue and can last from a few days to a month or more

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Bruising after smart lipo

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bruising can be very signficiant in some patients undergoing any type of liposuction, whether smart lipo or other types.  numbness can occur and can take months to resolve, sometimes there is the reverse, and areas of significant tenderness occur.  You should see your surgeon for an examination to rule out a focal collection of blood called a hematoma and to get reassurance.

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