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I Got a Septoplasty, to Straighten My Septum, How Long Do I Need My Splints in For?

I Got a Septoplasty  ,to Straighten my Septum ,I Have Splints ,how Long Do I Need to Have Them in For? READ MORE

Tape, Splint or Re-cast After Septo/rhinoplasty?

I had a deviated septum & had rhino-septoplasty 2 wks ago. After the cast was taken off on day 6, the nose looked great. Some 4 days later it was... READ MORE

Role of Nasal Splint in Septoplasty?

Finally i underwent septoplasty with turbinate reduction. My surgeon told it is very difficult case among his previous 2000 took nearly 3 hrs... READ MORE

When can I blow my nose after my septoplasty?

I had a septoplasty 9 days ago and had my splints removed today. Can i blow my nose without causing displacement? READ MORE

I recently had Septoplasty & Turbinate Surgery, and I hit my nose. Should I be worried and go see my doctor?

I recently had Septoplasty & Turbinate Surgery, i got my splints removed and later that day i hit my nose with my arm, i was in so much pain. I'm... READ MORE

Following Open Septoplasty my Doctor Says He Will Only Remove my Nasal Splint After One Month Has Passed , is This Normal?

I an almost 3 weeks now post the open septoplasty . I had very bad swelling all over my face followed by bad bruising around the eyes which has now... READ MORE

Son Had Septoplasty 2 Days Ago and Now the Splint on One Side Seems to Be Sliding Out?

Son had septoplasty 2 days ago and now the splint on one side seems to be sliding out. what should i do, is there concern? the splint was not... READ MORE

After Septoplasty Surgery Can the Nasal Splints Be Left in Permanently?

Army performed septoplasty surgery in 1985. I can breathe fine, but cannot blow my nose very well. When I use twizzers to clean out my nose, I seem to... READ MORE

Can nasal splints cause septum perforation after septoplasty and turbinate reduction?

I just got my splints removed couple of days ago, now when i look inside one nostril while directing a flashlight on the other nostril i can see a... READ MORE

Septoplasty - No packing or splints. Should I be concerned?

I had septoplasty a few days ago and after the surgery I didn't get to ask the surgeon but later learned from the nurse that no splint or packing was... READ MORE

3 weeks post op Septoplasty, I have trouble breathing. Do I need a revision?

I had my 1st septoplasty 5 years ago because I couldn't breathe through my right nostril. I think the doctor overcorrected it because since then I... READ MORE

I just had splints removed, 14 days post op & my son just hit my nose hard, should I go to the ER?

My son hit my nose very hard this morning by accident… My daughter and I think maybe it looks slightly shifted but I really can't tell. When I c... READ MORE

Green/Bloody Mucous Discharge after Septoplasty and Turbinate Reduction.

I had septoplasty & turbinate reduction surgery done 2 weeks ago. I had splints in my nose for a week, which were removed about a week ago. My... READ MORE

Is it okay to remove splints/stents 3 days after septoplasty? Also, why can I get more air out of one nostril and not evenly?

I had septoplasty and turbinate reduction. Had splints/stents placed inside of nose. Was supposed to have them removed 6 days after procedure. Had... READ MORE

Splint Removal after Septoplasty? 7 or 10 days? (photo)

Hi everyone Thank you to all the doctors that answered my first question on my crooked nose and septoplasty. I am 5 days out from my Septoplasty (he... READ MORE

My Doctor Said He is Leaving the Frontal Sinus Splints in Permanently. Is That Safe?

I had sinus surgery and my forehead sinuses were blocked. I believe they are called the frontal sinuses. When I went back for suctioning, I saw there... READ MORE

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