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Is my Nose Tip Too Round Following Rhinoplasty?

I had Rhinoplasty done four months ago, and I feel that the end or tip of my nose from profile view looks a little round. Also, there are two lines on... READ MORE

Post Rhinoplasty: Developing Line up Middle of Nose

Hello I have had rhinoplasty about 2 years ago and now I am seeing this line develop up the middle of my nose what is happening? thanks READ MORE

What Are These Dark Lines/depressions Next to my Eyes Following Open Rhinoplasty/septoplasty? 5 Months Post-op (Photo)

Possibly from osteotomies? Could they resolve? The lines are very visible when I smile, extending into the tear trough region, making more of a shadow... READ MORE

How can I get rid of a transverse nasal crease ? (photos)

I've had this line on my nose for a few years now and I think I looks bad. Are there any treatments for this READ MORE

How Long Do Fracture Lines Remain Noticeable After Rhinoplasty?

I had rhinoplasty about 3 weeks ago which involved narrowing the nasal bones as well as removing a small hump. I have a narrow dent like spot on just... READ MORE

I have an asymmetrical face. What are my options to make my nose straight? (photo)

My face is does not match. I know things can't be perfect . I saw a surgeon today and he said if he did the rhinoplasty, my nose would still be... READ MORE

I have always had a line in between my nostrils- what is this? (Rhinoplasty?)

Hi I have a line between my nostrils can you tell me what this is? It's always been there and I don't see it on anyone else. Can rhinoplasty help? I... READ MORE

After Rhinoplasty There Are Two Lines Down the Center of my Nose - Is This Cartalige or Bone?

After R-plasty there are two lines down the center of my nose where the bone was rasped off. I know that the bottom half of nose is cartalige. Are... READ MORE

I have a bump and line in the middle of my nose after rhinoplasty. How did this happen and can it be fixed? (Photo)

I had rhinoplasty about 4 months ago but I started noticing a bump and a horizontal line developing in the middle of my nose. This wasn't much... READ MORE

6 Weeks Post Rhinoplasty and There is a Line on the Right Side of my Nose

Hi doctors:) im 6 weeks post op rhinoplasty i dont have any problems breathing or anything but there is a line on my left side near my nostril and... READ MORE

Horizontal Line Above Lip and Lower Columella Feels Fleshier, Yet Flabbier? (photo)

I had the following procedures 3 years ago acc to post op report. open rhino, submucous resection, spreader grafts o dorsum bilateral, rasp the... READ MORE

Post Rhinoplasty I have harsh lines down either side of my nose and visible fracture lines. Will they go away?

I had rhinoplasty 4 months ago. There are very harsh lines running down either side of the center of my nose. Also, I can see the fracture lines. Will... READ MORE

Why are there diagonal lines after rhinoplasty? (Photo)

I had a close rhinoplasty about 5 and 1/2 months ago to remove a bum on the upper part of the bridge of my nose. I then started to develop a diagonal... READ MORE

Why is a Black Line Forming Under my Nasal Skin Where I Got a Nasal Fracture?

I had a nasal fracture on right side of nose before 15 months and one side of my nose is swallowed a little even though it is less noticeable.For time... READ MORE

Strange Horizontal Lines Above Lip After Rhinoplasty

I had primary rhino one year ago. There was septal grafting to provide tip elevation, stability. There are now two obnoxious, horizontal lines beneath... READ MORE

I have line and swelling on the side of my nose after Rhinoplasty. Is this normal? (photos)

Hi, I had rhinoplasty surgery a little over a month ago and my recovery was well since I had no bruising and hardly swelled. My concern, (conern, is... READ MORE

Wrinkle looking line across the middle of my nose. Is this normal? (photo)

My rhinoplasty was performed dec 18. it's almost been a month but I noticed "lines", where my laugh lines point to. It's most noticeable when I look... READ MORE

My Nose Profile Has These Awkwards Lines. How Can This Particular Problem Be Fixed? (photo)

Depending on light and shadow, they are more or less evident, making my nose creepy. Also, I've been wearing glasses since I was 10 - I'm 20 now. Can... READ MORE

White Line, Bulge by Left Lower Alar After Rhinoplasty? (photo)

Had a rhino, with NO tip work 3 mths ago (except tip support). As swelling goes down, noticed a line extending from left front middle of nose back to... READ MORE

What are the red streaks developing on my nasal tip 5 weeks post open rhinoplasty? (photos)

I started to develop these red lines on my nostrils when I started to swell after splint was removed. Will these go away as the tip swelling starts to... READ MORE

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