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Do Lateral Crural Struts Always Add Width to the Nose? (photo)

I'm considering revision rhinoplasty, and a very seasoned revision expert recommended lateral crural struts to help with my valve collapse &... READ MORE

Could a Retracted Columella From Surgery 4 Months Ago Change in Appearance Over Time?

I have a slight retracted columella after a revision was done to fix it 4 months ago. Cartilage from my ear was placed for a strut graft. It still... READ MORE

Can Lateral Crural & Columellar Struts Ever Be Removed?

These were placed in a primary. I asked the doctor to narrow my tip & he indicated he'd use a cephalic trim and dome sutures. However, I... READ MORE

Can I Get My Old Projected Nose Back After Revision Rhinoplasties? (photo)

Hi 5 yrs ago i had a bad rhinoplasty. i went to another doctor and i had several revisions. i have had two lots of medpor, a rib columella strut,... READ MORE

Can Columella Strut That Causes Droopy Tip/hanging Columella Be Raised?

7 months ago, I had rhinoplasty and a columella strut was placed. I believe the doctor placed the strut too low, giving me a hanging columella/droopy... READ MORE

Nose too narrow and small for my face

Need revision surgery after my primary made my nose too narrow and small for my face . Had a cephalic trim.can t breath well )Doctor suggested onlay... READ MORE

Can Rib Cartilage Grafts be Trimmed or Removed After Being Placed During Revision Rhinoplasty?

I had rev. rhino a few months ago and i feel the projection is too much and bridge is too much... (i had coll. strut graft and dorsal onlay)... my... READ MORE

Will Shortening the Columella Strut Cause Both Deprojection and Derotation of the Tip?

Quick question to all you nose experts! I had a columella strut placed to support a tip graft. Will shortening the strut cause both deprojection and... READ MORE

Can I Get Unwanted Tip Graft and Strut Removed?

Six months ago I had an open revision rhinoplasty to narrow my bridge and remove scar tissue from my tip. During my surgery, the surgeon added a strut... READ MORE

I Would Like to Shorten or Remove my Strut Graft. Is This Simple to Do? Can It Be Done Using a Closed Procedure?

Two years ago I had an open rhinoplasty and my doctor gave me a strut graft that extended my tip out 4mm beyond my original length, and now I am left... READ MORE

Possible to Reuse Columella Strut In Revision?

I had primary rhinoplasty 1.5 yrs ago mostly tip augmentation work, which the tip is over-rotated. I am now seeking revision rhinoplasty to bring the... READ MORE

Revisionary Rhinoplasty to Correct Septoplasty? (photo)

A bad septoplasty left me with a collapsed L strut -- according to my ENT. I'm hesitant to remedy a problem which caused by surgery with more surgery,... READ MORE

Revision by Caudal Septal Replacement, Is This Right For My Complicated Case?

Had nasal trauma when I was four.Due to severely deviated septum,was operated when I was 12.A part of the dorsal septum was removed.Had rhinoplasty in... READ MORE

Can my nose be fixed a third time? (Photo)

The anatomical structures were left weakenned but it is being currently propped up by a columella strut. My question is, are there any surgeon's super... READ MORE

Can a columella strut be removed and can the columella look like it once did?

Hi. I had a revision a year and a half ago, and without my consent, the doctor removed my colemulla and made my tip very pointy despite me asking for... READ MORE

Can bulbous tip that is caused by a prior rhinoplasty columellar strut graft be removed and tip refined in revision rhinoplasty?

My rhinoplasty a year ago was full of miscommunication. To my dismay the surgeon used many spreader grafts and columellar strut graft in tip although... READ MORE

Can you remove columella strut through closed rhinoplasty?

I am going to be having a revision it possible to remove a collumella strut through closed rhinoplasty.i was left with a retracted... READ MORE

Revision Rhinoplasty, columella strut was hit 30 days after. Should I be worried? (Photo)

Hi Doctors, I had a painful experience as my strut was hurt while I tried to drink from a plastic bottle. Tears rolled down my cheeks. I went to see... READ MORE

Can lateral crural strut grafts or alar batten grafts be removed? Can tip with long columella graft be shortened?

Question details I had a rhinoplasty revision and my nose looks very bad It is wide with grafts in nostril area and the tip is projected out too far... READ MORE

Grafts used in revision rhinoplasty- what's the difference?

What is the difference between alar rim grafts . Strut grafts.and alar batten grafts? I was told they are the same , they are just different terms... READ MORE

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