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Inverted V Deformity Treatment ~Dermal Fillers?

I have inverted v deformity. I've had 2 previous rhinoplasty procedures and I don't really want to have another one done. My doctor suggested... READ MORE

3 Months Post Op- Denting in Left Side: Do I Need Filler or Revision? (photo)

I am 3 months post rhinoplasty, removing a hump from the bridge. The left side seems to come in more, below the nasal bones. It feels dented inwards,... READ MORE

Artefill or Silikon-1000 in the Nose?

I was told I needed a complex, graft-filled revision. Because of this and my experience with bad surgeries, I am seriously considering nonsurgical... READ MORE

Can Fillers Be Used to Correct Alar Groove Asymmetry? (photo)

I had a revision rhino and It has been 17 days post op. I'm still noticing that the left side of the base of my nose looks rounder and higher than my... READ MORE

What is your professional advice for revision rhinoplasty? (photos)

I am 9mths post open rhino (primary) - removal of dorsal hump (requested) and boxy tip (not requested). My Surgeon has suggested dermal fillers for... READ MORE

Could Fillers Help with my Nose? (photo)

After rhinoplasty the bridge of my nose seems to dissapear when i smile and my nose widens, also my nose points upward and my nostrils show too much.... READ MORE

Fillers As a "Rhino Revision" Instead of Surgery Options? (photo)

After Rhinoplasty, What is the best, non tissue damaging filler for rhino augmentation? I want as close to my old nose as possible. Any docs in Tampa... READ MORE

About Fillers Vs Revision Rhinoplasty?

I've been for the year visit. Still worried about the slight bump on the bridge. Crushed cartilage graft dissolved above the bump and below it (The... READ MORE

For Revsion Rhinoplasty, to Augment the Dorsum and Radix. Are Temporary Fillers Going to Cause Problems with Revision?

I will have a revsion rhinolasty. I underwent open tip. I want my bridge rasied and radix augemnted, to create a more masculine look. My original PS,... READ MORE

10 years post op of Rhinoplasty, can a tip revision be done with a filler or surgery? (photo)

Rhinoplasty was 10 years ago! Bridge of my nose has become to narrow and my tip has a little ball on it. I've tried restalyne but it hasn't worked.... READ MORE

Can anything be done to help me? Either another revision or filler? (photos)

After having tertiary revision rhinoplasty my surgeon tried to touch up his own work but made my nose look worse and my breathing non existent . He... READ MORE

Is my nose caving in to the point where I should fix it? (Photo)

I have had revision rhinoplasty a year and 7 months ago. Since then I have been getting filler but this is what I've been dealing with (this is once... READ MORE

Can diced cartilage grafts for nasal bridge be removed a year after operation and placed with fillers?

After diced cartilage is removed can it be replaced with fillers to allow the nasal skin to slowly return to its original shape? As fillers decrease... READ MORE

Is filler in the tip/lower lateral cartilage area okay?

I have been told by some rhinoplasty surgeons that fillers in the tip of the nose are OK, but have also been told that it could lead to issues from... READ MORE

Help with figuring out what to do. Should I seek a second opinion before revision with my surgeon? (Photo)

I had rhinoplasty 3 mo. ago for a dorsal hump that was incompletely removed. My primary doc wants to go back in 3 mo. and shave it down. There's a... READ MORE

Will my Nose Just Continue to Get Worse After Each Surgery? What to Do? Upturned Nose, Nostrils Are Always Showing? (photo)

GREAT nose after 1st surgery.(1st checkup)he injected to make it slim faster+adjusted the nostrils.After-looked a little pinched. (2nd)added filler... READ MORE

Alar base reduction scarring. What can be done to revise scarring on nasal sill?

I had an alar base reduction that involved Weir excision, and also excision of alar hooding (which was not significant in my opinion) along the lower... READ MORE

Rhinoplasty: 4 Failed, Try Again or Try Fillers?

Hx: 3 rhinoplasties- all complicating d/t 1st w infx. Last date of 3rd revision: 2011. The 2/3iery revision results were poor. All 3 surgeries have... READ MORE

Can this problem on my nose be fixed with a revision rhino or could it be fixed by filler or steroids injection? (photos)

I did a rhinoplasty two and half years ago and i have a problem with my right side of my nose i feel it is still swollen on the right side ,as well i... READ MORE

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