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Can I get a short length of nose? (photos)

It's been a year and I'm on to my revision surgery soon as doc said my nose has 'dropped' I asked for a short lenghthed nose, he said he can't do it... READ MORE

Nose Short & Wide with Nostrils Showing, Can Tip Be Dropped or Septum Lengthened? (photo)

3 months ago i had a closed Rhinoplasty. It looks like he raised the radix, blunted the tip & did Osteotomies. He said he also lifted the tip as... READ MORE

Deviated septum causing crooked nose? Columella question?

I had a rhinoplasty for a broken nose, now (3 yrs later) my tip looks very crooked to the left & my left side nasal valse is collapsed,a tiny hump in... READ MORE

Tip of my nose keeps dropping and looks bulbous after rhinoplasty? I had to get my nose worked on 3x. Why?

My nose looked good at first but within months the tip started to drop. A year went by and he put some sort of graft in to support the tip. It seemed... READ MORE

6 wks post rhino and dr cut nose short. Can suture in the nose be clipped so nose drops?

6 weeks post rhinoplasty and my doctor cut my nose almost 2ml. Not expected or planned. I previously had a very long nose I loved. Am very upset.... READ MORE

My rhinoplasty has changed 5 years post-op! The tip seems to have sunk/dropped? Is there anything causing this? (Photo)

It has been 5 years since my 2nd rhinoplasty procedure and my nose shape has changed considerably! I know it takes about a year for the swelling to... READ MORE

Nose tip too high after rhinoplasty

I had a rhinoplasty surgeon 8 days ago, my nose tip looked way too high, but I still had bandage on my nose, today he took off my bandages, and It is... READ MORE

Did my tip drop after rhinoplasty? (Photo)

I had revision rhinoplasty including bridge work and tip refinement 4 months ago. My nose is still super swollen ESP tip area since I have very thick... READ MORE

Am I going to need a revision rhinoplasty? (Photo)

I had a rhinoplasty 15 days ago. And I'm getting depressed because I feel that my nose is too small, and looks unnatural. Will the tip drop in a few... READ MORE

To revision rhinoplasty specialists: please advise steps to correct an implant that's crooked and dropped. (photos)

I've had a silicone implant placed in my nose 18 years ago; now the implant has dropped (protuding out the tip of my nose), and is completely crooked.... READ MORE

Can the nasal tip be derotated under a closed approach please? I have too much nostril show on display.

I had closed septo/rhino 5 months ago. my tip is rock hard stiff. I hope it drops more. If it doesn't, is it possible I could have the tip derotated... READ MORE

I have uneven nostrils after a third rhinoplasty. Will this drop like he says?

I had a 3 revision rhino one week ago. Cartilage was removed from my ear to build a better tip. Unfortunately one nostril is shaped oval the other is... READ MORE

Will I ever get my supratip break? (photos)

Hello. I am 1yr post revision Rhinoplasty and still do not have that feminine supratip dip/break. I still have some underlying fluid which 'pops' when... READ MORE

Revision rhinoplasty - derotating the tip? (Photo)

My surgeon recommended to rotate my tip up. He truly thought my nose dropped too much. I regret to agree to it. My nose dropped when I smiled like... READ MORE

Can a PS drop my tip down a tiny bit fairly easily if I want? (photo)

I had surgery about 6 weeks ago and I'm curious if my tip doesn't drop on its own, after 1 year can my ps drop it down himself a little bit? Tiny bit... READ MORE

Rhinoplasty 6 months, do I need a revision? (Photos)

Its been 6 1/2 months after rhinoplasty but nose looks still long and big and it dropped also. Do i need a revision to fix these issues or is there... READ MORE

How can my second rhinoplasty give me the nose I've always wanted and how do I avoid another failure? (Photo)

I had a rhinoplasty in the UK and while the surgeon did straighten my nose bone he failed to give me the beautiful refined nasal tip of a European... READ MORE

Columella strut revision?

I did not get many opinions last time I asked.I have a columella strut graft that is really uncomfortable. it goes past my actual columella and is in... READ MORE

Can I make my tip drop again?

I asked my surgeon why my nose doesn't drop when I smile. He said that he used sutures to support the tip so it doesn't drop. My columella also looks... READ MORE

Upturned nose with big nostrils; will the tip drop down? (Photos)

Hi, I had secondary rhinoplasty done 2 days ago and I am so worried that I'll be left with this upturned nose I have at the minute. Please can someone... READ MORE

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