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Is It Ok to Sleep on the Side with the Cheek Pressed Against Pillow/arm After Restylane Injection?

Since I can't fall alseep in any other position than on my side/stomack I have slept with my cheeks pressed against my pillow or even arm after... READ MORE

I have pressure, tingling, and bulging vein around the eye after Dermal Filler Injection. Is this normal? (photos)

I had restylane injections on 8/1 on the forehead for acne scar, and into my upper cheeks (1/2 syringe total was used). I went to see Dr. 8/13 as I... READ MORE

Under Eye Filler and Severe Pressure on Forehead?

I had a undereye filler injected a month ago and have had some headaches and pressure around the eye that lasted a week.Then all pain and pressure... READ MORE

Large lump in tear trough only one eye over one month after injection

I got restylane injected under both eyes then about a month later I developed a pea shaped lump right below the corner of one eye. It's been about a... READ MORE

Still Have Pain & Pressure Around Eyes After Restylane - 4 MONTHS LATER! Will Pain EVER Go Away?

LY, I had Restylane in upper eyelids with no bad reaction. I went to a different PS this year for more in upper & lower eyelids. He overfilled... READ MORE

Restalyne versus other products for under eye injections. Which is best?

I'm seeing that Restalyne (sp?) is a good filler for under eye filler with people like me who have deep set eyes. Why am I being "pushed" in a... READ MORE

Still in pain 3 wks post Restylane in nasolabial folds and cheeks. Headaches/pressure in cheeks, nose and righteye pain (Photo)

Ive been bk to the top rated PS 3 times since these problems began. First time PS was rude and told me its nothing. Other two apps were with his... READ MORE

Can massaging of Restylane cause eye blurriness?

I had Restylane under my eyes six days ago by a board certified plastic surgeon. Til now, I've had no post-procedure issues. I was advised to massage... READ MORE

Can Restylane filler migration cause eye blurriness? Tear Trough treatment

I've had my eye hollows filled with Restylane about a week ago. On the day of the procedure, the doctor recommended to massage it. I may have put too... READ MORE

afraid of blindness after restylane treatment - glabella

I had a restylane in my glabella 3 weeks ago and also Botox. This was my first time. I feel a pressure in my right eye. Sometimes more sometimes less.... READ MORE

Over correction of Restalyne under the eyes. Is it risky to dissolve?

I had over correction of Restalyne under eye filler done in Beverly Hills. I moved since and am seeking that the filler be dissolved. No local dr will... READ MORE

Can a change in atmospheric pressure induce post injection lip swelling? (Photo)

I got Restylane in my lips about two months ago. The swelling was pretty bad initially, but then my lips seemed to return to normal. Yesterday on side... READ MORE

Pain and pressure after nasolabial injection

I had hyaluronic acid filler injection in my upper lip and on my nasolabial folds (less than 0.4 cause the rest was used for the lip) 5 hours ago. On... READ MORE

New swelling one week after Restylane in tear troughs? (Photos)

Had mild swelling/bruising in days after but day 7, very swollen under eye. Had more product under left eye.After I had mild swelling and mild... READ MORE

Numbness and sense of pressure after filler in tear trough area. Did my massaging cause this sensation?

I had restylane injected in my tear troughs one week ago. A few days after I massaged the area a few times (not vigorous but not the most gentle).... READ MORE

I have intermittent puffiness and pain when applying pressure at the injection sites of Restylane that was inherited months ago?

I'm male and always had sinus issues because of allergies. I only have that sudden onset of swelling which changes from eye to eye, never both at the... READ MORE

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