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How Painful Are Restylane Injections?

I'm a big baby I don't like pain, I've wanted lips for a year now and I'm finally going to face my fears and get over it. My mom has... READ MORE

Pain, Hardness, Difficulty Smiling After Restylane Lip Injections

I had Restylane injected into my lips 13 hours ago. The redness has went away, but the pain is unbearable still. My lips feel hard and pouty (I like... READ MORE

Does Restylane Injections Hurt?

I am only 27 and get a fair amount of sleep but my dark circles have become developed into slight hollowness. I have a great fear of needles going in... READ MORE

Restylane on Nasolabial Folds Without Dental Block?

I am considering Restylane to the nasolabial folds but had a bad experience with a dental block so I don't want to go through that again. Is it very... READ MORE

Lips peeling after lip fillers; is this normal?

Is that normal? also i got a small bruise above my lips that hurts a little is that common? READ MORE

Why Does Restylane Cause Numerous Lumps?

I began to research the use of Restylane, and found many women's reviews of this product. Many cited lumps that formed and were painful. Why is this?... READ MORE

Top Lip Swollen and Severe Pain in my Whole Face After Restylane? (photo)

Restylane injected in top lip only, the first few hours and day it was swollen and bruised (obviously) and it eventualy went down. I was given arnica... READ MORE

Restylane undereye filler injection and pain around eye afterward. What could be causing this? Could there be internal bruising?

I had an Restylane filler injection in the under-eye area for both eyes the past Wed. and have been having pain in the right eye area. I did not have... READ MORE

Extreme Pain After Restylane?

I just had Restylane done for my fourth time 4 days ago & I am in extreme pain, I can't even sleep is this normal? What do I do? I am waiting for... READ MORE

Painful Swelling a Month After Restylane Injection?

I had a restylane sub q injections in my tear trough. Things seemed to be going ok so far but today i woke up with painful swelling on one side of my... READ MORE

Had Restylane in the nose a few hours ago. Hard and swollen - is this normal? Did my PS inject too much? Help

I got restylane injections in my nose below between my eyes and upper bridge (look at pictures) a few hours ago and now it is hard and very swollen,... READ MORE

What Alternatives to Restylane Are Recommended for Lips?

Which filler is the least painful and longest lasting for lips? READ MORE

I Had Restylane Injections 5 Hours Ago and I Am in Extreme Pain! What is Going On?

This is my 2nd time doing anything like this. The previous experience was not this painful! Injections were done in laugh lines, marionette lines and... READ MORE

Lip filler hard and painful after Restylane. Is this normal?

I have had restylane lip fillers today for the first time. After about an hour my lips have Become very painful and felt hard and difficult to move... READ MORE

First Time Having Restylane Injections - Unexplained Pain Top of Head in Scalp - Should I Be Worried, Seek Dr. Attention?

Injections 6 of the 2.5 vial boxes in my face. mottled bruising on the right side, forehead to chin. Very severe pain started within an hour top of my... READ MORE

How painful is Restalyne for under eye treatment or tear throughs?

I had a Mesoglow facial about two months ago, it was soooo painful I know I would never want to go through that again. They used numbing cream, I took... READ MORE

Pain level of Restylane treatments?

How painful are Restylane injections for wrinkles around the mouth? Since it is a sensitive area, do they use a local anesthetic? READ MORE

Pain and Swelling Normal After Restalyne? (photo)

Just had deep crease between eyes today. She used restalyne fine line. In in a lot of pain. Swelling like crazy and it's throbbing with little pin... READ MORE

Why Did Restylane Turn to Rock?

I had my nasolabial folds done with restalyne 4weeks ago. A day after an LED photo facial treatment the filler turned rock hard, with the lady... READ MORE

Why Did my Restylane Turn to Rock?

Four weeks ago I had my nasolabial folds injected with restylane. The product turned to rock a week ago and I am in terrible pain. 1/2 wks after... READ MORE

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