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Can Restylane Travel into Other Parts of the Face?

I got injections three days ago, ( 1cc total ), mostly into my right nasal labial fold. A few months ago I had 2cc total ( by the same person),... READ MORE

Is It Normal for Lips to Swell Every Morning and when Will That Stop?

HI Doctors, I had restylane injected into my lips about 78 hours ago and my lip is still quite swollen. The swelling increases every morning even... READ MORE

How Swollen is Normal for Restylane Injections in Under Tear Troughs?

I was injected on Friday morning (by a very experienced doctor) and was VERY swollen by Friday afternoon. 1 vial under each eye, very deep. The same... READ MORE

How to make Restylane lip augmentation last longer?

I just had my lips injected with Restylane on 3/4/16, Is there anything I can do to make the effects last longer? I was told to drink a lot water. Are... READ MORE

Restylane undereye filler injection and pain around eye afterward. What could be causing this? Could there be internal bruising?

I had an Restylane filler injection in the under-eye area for both eyes the past Wed. and have been having pain in the right eye area. I did not have... READ MORE

After Restylane in lips, when can I kiss again? (Photo)

It's been three days since the filler - when can I safely kiss my husband again? Also, is it okay to eventually be lightly bitten on my lips?... READ MORE

3 days post op Restylane, I have uneven hard lump mostly on the left side of both, top and bottom lips. Is this normal? (photo)

Hello and thanks for taking this question. I got my lips injected w restylane 3 days ago and they look uneven on top of that, the left side of top,... READ MORE

Large lump inside my mouth a bit below my lip after restylane injection?

I had restylane injected into my lips 2 and1/2 days ago. The swelling has reduced significantly however, I have this huge lump on the inside of my... READ MORE

Can't smile properly after lip injections. Is it because I'm still recovering? (Photo)

This is my second time getting lip injections. First time I had them done (0.6ml Restalyne) everything was great. 8 months later and I decided to get... READ MORE

Can Restylyne Migrate Into The Eyes? They're Burning And Swollen.

Two days ago I had restylyne injected into the hollowed area under my eyes, and a few hours later my eyes were burning terribly. This pain lasted all... READ MORE

Chipmunk Cheeks After Restylane in Tear Trough?

Three days ago I had Restylane injected in my tear troughs. He injected around the entire eye area. I bruised on one side and had swelling which is... READ MORE

Swelling above lip area after restylane. Will it resolve, and is it normal? (Photo)

Thanks very much for answering my question I've taken all the advice offered. Its now 3days later and I think the swelling of the lips have gone down... READ MORE

puffy eyes from crying or did i ruin it 3 days post-Restylane?

I cried yesterday because i was super upset about something. 3 days post-restylane injections in my tear troughs, 2 units...i've been very gently... READ MORE

Why Did the Restylane Injections Under my Eyes Not Help? (photo)

About three days ago I recieved restylane injections under my eyes to help improve my sunken eye look, however I do not see any improvement whatsoever... READ MORE

Restylane On Lower Jaw and It's Burning After 3 Days? (photo)

I was injected with Restylane on Tues. and it's Friday and my lower jaw is burning like it's on fire!! Is this normal? READ MORE

I Got Restylane Injected in Upper Lip 3 Days Ago, Now I Have 2 Liquid Balls on the Lip, What is It? (photo)

I my husband had Retsylane injected in his upper lip 3 days ago, yesterday came out a little ball of liquid where the injection was done, today second... READ MORE

Is it normal to have hard painful lumps afte Restylane injection?

I had Restylane done three days ago. I had some injected at the corner of my mouth on both sides. I am still swollen, but I also have hard painful... READ MORE

Raised Line from Restylane, Looks Like a Keloid Scar. What Can I Do?

Hi I had fillers in my upper week 3 days ago it has left me with a red raised vertical line where she over filled or filled to deply it now looks as... READ MORE

Restylane for my lips - What's wrong with them? (photos)

They look great. I had one ml of restylane three days ago. I am still in pain and I feel bumps although they aren't visible.. should I call the office... READ MORE

Tear trough fillers Restylane, how long does bruising and swelling usually last?

Hi there I recently had tear trough fillers restylane approx 3 days ago. I am quite swollen and bruised is this normal and how long does this normally... READ MORE

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