Is It Normal for Lips to Swell Every Morning and when Will That Stop?

HI Doctors, I had restylane injected into my lips about 78 hours ago and my lip is still quite swollen. The swelling increases every morning even though I am sleeping on several pillows to elevate my head. The swelling is less after a few hours of icing. However, I am wondering if it is normal for the lip to swell every morning. I had the injections on a Thursday and my doctor said that by Monday I would be ok to go to work. The swelling is enough to make it look like something is wrong with my lips.

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Swelling following Restylane treatment

Thank you for your question. It is too early to determine your final result. It is common to have swelling after filler injection, which can take up 2 weeks to resolve. Restylane attracts water and this is the reason why you are seeing more swelling in mornings. If you have any other cocnerns please contact your treating physician. Best of Luck!

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Is It Normal for Lips to Swell Every Morning and when Will That Stop?

Swelling is very common after havin injected the lips, HA fillers such as Juvederm or Restylane absorbs water and this is why you're seeing more swelling in the mornings. Give it a full two weeks to settle before seeing your final result

Kenneth B. Hughes, MD
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Swelling following Restylane treatment

Hello, and sorry to hear about the swelling you are experiencing following your injections. It is not abnormal to be swollen following lip augmentation, and the swelling will peak a few days after your procedure. You may be more swollen on the third day than you were on the second. Your swelling should begin to go down shortly after. If it does not start to resolve after a few more days, I would recommend speaking with the physician who performed your injections, as he/she knows the extent of your treatment and will be able to provide you with some advice. Hang in there, and best of luck with the remainder of your recovery!

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Lip Swelling After Injections

It is normal to experience lip swelling after hyaluronic acid injections to the area. Heat or sleep position may be contributing to increased swelling when you wake up. I generally tell my patients it will subside over subsequent days, but it may take up to 2 weeks to really appreciate the results, so I would be patient.  You should follow back with you provider if the swelling doesn’t improve or is getting worse.

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Restylane and swelling

It is not uncommon for the lips to swell significantly, after Restylane injections and typically, the swelling peaks around day 3-4. Icing will help and it's best to allow time for things to settle down, then follow up with your provider if you feel it's necessary. 

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Swelling in lips after Restylane

Swelling after injections can continue for as long as 2 weeks. Sometimes heat affects swelling, so even though you're propped up on pillows (which is good!), if your room is hot, or you are just a person whose temp rises when sleeping, this can affect the morning swelling. It should subside over the next few days or week. But swelling can continue for about 2 weeks.

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Restylane and lips

Dear neel312,

  • The swelling usually peaks 2-4 days after injection, so it should start getting better
  • Laying down all night keeps gravity from pulling the swelling down
  • If you can ice the lips on and off (it might be hard at work), the swelling can come down
  • Also try eating a quarter fresh pineapple a day

Best regards,

Nima Shemirani

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