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White Blanching After Facial Filler, Is It Permanent?

9 wks ago i had Restylane in marionette lines. After 5 weeks both sides developed blue hue (tindall effect?) More concerning shortly afterwards both... READ MORE

Soft Lump over Top Lip Since Injections 2 Months Ago

Hello, I had restylane lip injections circa 2 months ago. I noticed a lump over the top of my left lip immediately after the injections, before the... READ MORE

Water retention above the tear trough after fillers.

I had tear trough done 2 months ago with restylane. My doctor is experienced and injected only a minimal amount for a first session and this under the... READ MORE

2 months post op, Restylane caused blue under eye. Is this permanent?

I had half a syringe injected 2 months ago under eye, had no bruising but am Horrified of the blue puffy blue it has left!!! I now look I have bags... READ MORE

Resyalyne Only Lasted 2 Months. Can It Drift from Injection Site and Make You Look Worse?

I got my first injections the first week of June in the nabiial folds and a little around the mouth., It is now 2 months later and it seems to have... READ MORE

I Had Restylane Injected About a Month and a Half Ago- Feels Like It's Gone?

But now i feel like the restylane has dissapeared. i no longer feel it and i know it last between 6 month to a year but it seems to me that i have... READ MORE

I Had Restylane Fillers Sept 17, It's Now Nov 15 2012. I Have Purple Type Lines on the Injected Area?

I'm concerned, I went to a reputable plastic surgeon for my fillers. I have had fillers from MEDI SPAS prior to my visit with a reputable plastic... READ MORE

Why did my Restylane lip injection settle above my lip liner and not on my actual lip? (Photo)

I got restalyne lip injections about 2 months ago for my fist time(1ML)not really happy with how the top lip settled. looks llike the restayline... READ MORE

Restylane in Nasal Areas?

I had injections into the nasal areas of my face in Nov. and swelling occurred for more than 1 week on both sides...then the swelling dissipated on... READ MORE

I had 1 syringe of Restylane in my tear trough area to treat my hollows. The area occasionally swells up and bags form (Photo)

2.5 months ago I had 1 syringe of Restylane injected under my eyes. Since then, it has swollen up twice: once during my period, and now (not on... READ MORE

Dark Area and Pigmentation Left After Healing?

I had restylane 2months ago on nasolabial fold with massaging and rubbing on d same day and day after the area became badly red and dry after 1/2days... READ MORE

Should I have botched Restalyne under eyes fixed by same doctor or get a second opinion?

I had Restalyne under my eyes done by a reputable doctor almost 2 months ago, however, I had a terrible reaction-very swollen and bruised for weeks... READ MORE

Hyaluronidase swelling or product remaining?

About 2 months ago, I had restylane placed in the side of my nose and behind the tip. About a month in, I was unhappy with the results and had... READ MORE

2 months post op Restylane vital treatment, I'm swollen. Is this side effects?

I had restylane vital treatment around my mouth 2 months ago. Since then my left side chic had been swallolen for few days for few times. Is this side... READ MORE

Restylane in vertical lip lines. 1 month later still burning, itching, and raw feeling. Can't stand it. What can I do? (Photo)

I had restylane in my lips on 4/8/15 was OK, then touch up on 4/23/15. Since then I have had severe burning, itching, and my lips feel raw. I have... READ MORE

Did I get ripped off with my non surgical rhinoplasty?

I got a non surgical rhinoplasty about 2 months ago in NYC. 1 syringe of Restalyne. Researched before and saw general prices, but was appraised at... READ MORE

Tear trough filler has not settled, looks like I have large eye bags. What can I do to relieve this? Is it likely to settle?

I had restylane inserted in my tear troughs around 2.5 months ago and it hasn't settled well & I look like I have big eye bags. I am Away travelling... READ MORE

Is this the tyndall effect from Restylane? (photos)

For 2 Month ago i had injected restylane under my eyes. After 6 weeks i made the resolution too have it removed with hyaluronidase over 2 times... READ MORE

Headaches after filler in cheek. Will this subside?

I had filler in my cheeks about 7 weeks ago. Since then I have had headaches and aching eye socket along with occasional numb/tingling sensation... READ MORE

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