Is my nose bridge too wide? I would like more definition, should I get a revision?

Sorry the photos aren't the Best but from these can you tell me if my nose bridge is too wide? I've always felt it is and it lacks definition and shadows on sides of bridge. However my surgeon who is known to do suttle surgery would only address my bulbous tip and said I "didn't need" my bridge slimmed. I disagree. I want more definition have done all my life and a slimmer nose (not a tiny nose either) What is your professional Opinion surgeons? Feel I need revision to address the bridge now :(

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Tip issue

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Just based on the photo, the nose doe not appear to be too wide in the upper 1/3 or so..  The tip to me at least in the photo is the bigger issue.

Nasal bridge

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The nasal bridge looks great. The risk of complications in this case are higher than the potential benefit. Leave it alone. 


Dr. J

Revision Rhinoplasty

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Hi Sienna,

Some more information about the procedure would be helpful. It depends on how long ago rhinoplasty was performed as your nose can still be swollen or healing. You seem to have a dorsal hump, this can be slimmed down. Consider a revision rhinoplasty if it has been at least 1 year since your initial surgery. 

Dr. S

Is my nose bridge too wide?

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From the limited photographs, there appears to be a bulbous tip in a wide bridge. A revision rhinoplasty can be contemplated after one year from the primary rhinoplasty to address reduction in the bulbous tip and narrowing the bridge line. To narrow the bridge line requires osteotomies placed in the nasal bones. For more information, please see the link and the video below

Revision rhinoplasty for wide bridge

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You did not say how long ago your surgery was so I will assume you are past one year post-op and completely healed.  Your nasal bridge and tip can be slimmed through a revision rhinoplasty. If you are not one year out or more, your nose will continue to change as your swelling resolves.   

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