Rib graft is seen through the skin on my nose! (Photo)

Hi! I had a secondary rhinoplasty done early June this year. I noticed about one month ago that you can see the graft through my skin in the tip of my nose, especially when I smile - then it forms like a white round dot. It's rib graft that I have in my nose. Will this not be as apparent in time and if so, how? (This is what my surgeon says). If this is not true, what can be done to fix/mask this unflattering issue? Please help, this is causing me a great amount of anxiety. Thanks!

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Grafts and skin

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Sometimes the graft causes the skin to blanch. It may or may not get better with time. If it becomes a problem, it probably can be adjusted.

Rib graft is seen through the skin on my nose!

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In some cases, tip grafts can blanch the tip skin. Although usually this do not cause any problems if it really bothers you, it can be adjusted so as not to put presure on the tip. Talk to your surgeon about that.



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