Will ears come out over time after Otoplasty?

Nearly a month after my otoplasty and my ears still look like they are tightly glued to the side of my head, can't put my hair behind my ears anymore and you can just about see them from front on, I'm not happy. They were operated on with the traditional method, and heard that this makes them less likely to come out over time and makes revision even harder. How much longer should I wait and see if they come out naturally before seriously considering revision surgery? Thanks

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Will ears come out

You are only 1 month post op. I suggest that you have a conversation with your surgeon and discuss your concerns and what your goals are from the surgery to make sure that you are on the same page. You may require a revision to free you ears a little bit. Consult with your surgeon since they performed the surgery and are familiar with the procedure that was done.

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Will ears come out over time after Otoplasty?

Ears will relax to some degree after otoplasty. I would not expect a significant change beyond the first month or so. If you have been wearing a compression bandage since surgery you should ask your surgeon about not wearing it in the evening at this point. You should also have an honest discussion with your surgeon about your concerns. They might recommend removing one or more of the sutures that are "pinning" your ears back. Best.

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Aggressive otoplasty can pin the ears next to the scalp very close.Some patients request that as a wanted to be very tight next to the scalp.  However, if that is not what you wish than most likely you will need a revision which will include loosening the stitches are pulling it back.


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Ears too close to side of head

You do not include a photograph and I would need to examine you to give you a definite opinion.
Also I am not sure what you consider to be the traditional approach?
The following are the 3 main techniques that I use.
? Anterior cartilage scorring (I have now stopped using this technique)
? Conchal cartilage excision
? Mustard Furnas sutures

One month after surgery is certainly very early and there may well be swelling which would tend to make it more difficult to put your hair behind your ears. I would be reluctant to advise revision for at least 6 months after surgery and preferably 9 to 12 months. However, if the result was definitely sub-optimal or not what had been agreed with the patient I might consider earlier intervention.

I suggest you discuss the result with your surgeon. 
Best wishes

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