My left ear always stuck out more then my right. Is it possible that after surgery it will slowly stick out more again?

I got otoplasty to fix my protruding ears, but my left ear stuck out more then my right. I'm 9 months post op and my left ear still sticks out a little more than my right and I'm afraid that over time my left ear will slowly continue to stick out more. Is that possible?

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Asymmetry after otoplasty

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Slight asymmetry is inherent with every individual. Your ears should retain the position they were placed in, however if you are unsatisfied with your otoplasty results, a revision might be something to consider.

Washington DC Facial Plastic Surgeon

Assymetric ears after otoplasty

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Your ears are not likely to drift out after nine months. If you are unhappy, I suggest you ask your surgeon for a re-evaluation to see if you are a candidate for any further correction. There are many other factors that may be responsible for the appearance of one side sticking out more than the other such as facial asymmetry or different sized ears. Before and after photographs would be helpful.

Mario S. Yco, MD, FACS
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Thanks for your question. I think the safer answer to this question is that there will likely remain a slight asymmetry between your two ears. When there is a noticeable difference before surgery, there is a good likelihood you'll have some minute differences following surgery. So long as appropriate techniques are utilized your ears should retain their new position over time--I would not necessarily anticipate your left ear to drift farther out. Hope this helps!

Mark Been, MD
Barrington Facial Plastic Surgeon
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Ear pinning or otoplasty is a surgery that if performed correctly can maintain its shape forever.  The surgeon should score or abrade the anterior surface of the ear which allows the cartilage to gain new "memory" combined with suturing to maintain its position until that occurs.  Occassionally sutures can pull out early and require revision. You should discuss with your board certified plastic surgeon what options are available to you.

Ear sticks out?

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I need more information to effectively answer this question.  The first and quick response to you is that yes..the one ear might still protrude more than the other.  Asymmetry is tough to correct.  I tell me patients..if God did not get this right..I will try to do my best..but there is no guarantee.  Cartilage is a funny does not like to be messed with and otoplasty is all about taming cartilage to behave the way we want it to.  Having said all also depends on the technique that was used, the type of sutures that were used, and the experience of the surgeon doing this surgery.  Hope this helps. Good luck. 
Dr Vasisht

Bhupesh Vasisht, MD
Voorhees Plastic Surgeon
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