Permanent otoplasty sutures removed.

I recently had two premanat otoplasty sutures removed due to them becoming irritated from time to time. I had the otoplasty procedure done two years ago. I have read scar tissue forms and holds the ears in place after while more than the sutures. My questions are 1 what is the likely hood that my ear will return back to its position prior to the surgery. 2 if in fact it will, how long before I would be able to notice and would it be a gradual change or sudden change. (weeks vs months, years)

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Permanent otoplasty sutures removed

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These sutures do require removal occasionally and most often because the "tails" are left too long and poke through the incision. I've had to remove one or more sutures in several patients. I've never seen the ear reprotrude after this. The only ear I've seen reprotrude was in a patient who had his ear yanked on several weeks after surgery. Given how long ago your surgery took place I don't think that this will be an issue. If your ear does reprotrude you would be a candidate for an "incisionless" otoplasty which is much less invasive than the original procedure with very little downtime. Best.

Stephen Weber MD, FACS
Denver Facial Plastic Surgeon

Inflamed otoplasty sutures that were removed may not lead to a change in ear appearance, two years postoperative.

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Permanent otoplasty suture extrusion may occur in up to 5% of otoplasty patients, and removal after six months postoperative has not led to a change in ear appearance in any of our patients thus far. These procedures are typically performed with local anesthetic in the office with no downtime.

Wishing you well.

Dr Joseph

Eric M. Joseph, MD
West Orange Facial Plastic Surgeon
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