Why has my anti helix concaved after otoplasty?

My otoplasty was 5 weeks ago and my anti helix looks deformed - looks completely flattened and like it has concaved? I thought it was still a bit over corrected and would come forward over time but I don't think this is the case. Why has this happened? How can it be fixed and how easily? How soon should it be fixed? This is not how a normal ear looks!!! Was operated on through conchal cartilage excision

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Thanks for posting your question and your photos. I am sorry to read of your concern. Likely, the ear will come forward. It has only been 5 weeks. Only your surgeon can give you true reassurance, because only your surgeon knows what exactly was done. 
Taking a step backwards from your concern, I would share with you that when people have otoplasty, they are at risk of becoming overly obsessed with each fine detail of the ear and can miss the global improvement. I would stop thinking about fixes or revisions. I would try hard to focus on the other wonderful aspects of your life. Give yourself time to heal.

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