1 year on from septoplasty and turbinate reduction, constant sinus pressure, headaches and blocked nose. Has the surgery failed?

Hi, I had the procedure a year ago and recovered well. While I still experienced allergies, the pressure and blocked up sensation seemed to be relieved. Over the past 2-3 months, the symptoms have returned. I have constant sinus headaches and a blocked solid (yet runny!) nose. I'm breathing through my mouth a lot and even feeling like I'm not getting enough air. The greatest pressure feels very high up in my nose by eyes. Has the surgery failed or could this be due to my allergies?

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Pressure after septoplasty

Pressure after septoplasty and turbinate reduction may be due to allergic rhinnitis, recurrent or chronic sinus infections, or even contact neuralgia from the turbinate and edematous mucosa. A formal nasal endoscopy would help to determine the cause of your troubles.

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Nasal airway obstruction and allergic rhinitis

Dear loulou1985: Without physical examination, CT scanning and nasal endoscopy a precise answer is impossible. Please return to your surgeon and explain the problem. Remember allergies are treatable not curable. If there is a physical obstruction, imaging and endoscopy should be able to find it. If you are unhappy with your surgeon please see a board certified otolaryngologist, facial plastic surgeon or plastic surgeon with sinus surgery experience. Hope this helps and good luck!

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