3 Wks Po Mommy Makeover and I Have a Low Grade Fever. Should I Worry?

Hi, had mommy makeover 3 wks ago...just started running low grade fever and feel exhausted and weak...went to ps yesterday and said everything looked normal and it was normal to run low fever after putting the body through all of that...it comes and goes, makes me nervous :( said if reached 101 we needed to be concerned..thoughts??

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Fatigue and fever after TT

I am often surprised at what people consider a fever.  A temperature of 99 or 100 is normal during the typical menstrual cycle of a woman (the whole cycle, not just the period).  It will also drop  to 97 at times.  After a big surgery, especially liposuction, temperatures may even go up to 101 and be normal during the first weeks.  At three weeks, if your surgeon didn't see a problem I would not worry.  I had a mommy makeover myself after 2 c-sections so I can confidently tell you that it will be 6-8 weeks before you really start to get your energy back.  At three weeks you should tire easily and feeling a bit weak.  I tell my patients the hardest part of the whole process is being patient through the recovery.  It takes much longer than they realize going into it.  Even at three months you will be seeing and feeling changes.  Give your body the rest it is telling you it needs.  It is tackling a huge job.  Give your worries a rest, too, knowing that you are progressing normally.  Keep your follow-up appointments with your surgeon.

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Watch Your Body Temperature & Look For Signs of Infection Following Mommy Makeover

Average body temperatures vary widely amongst patients and vary within individual patients throughout the day. Despite this an elevated temperature should always be a source of concern in postoperative patients. Elevated temperatures should always be investigated because they may be the earliest indicator of infection.

In your case, your physician has evaluated you and found nothing to indicate a problem. At this point, it’s appropriate to closely monitor the situation. If you have concerns about your body temperature or signs of infection, it’s important to contact your plastic surgeon. Your surgeon should be able to evaluate your situation and initiate appropriate therapeutic care. 

Richard J. Bruneteau, MD
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Fever has varying Definitions. After Surgery Concern Rises at 101 Degrees

Hi there-

It is important to understand that the term "fever" will have variable definitions, depending on the circumstances...

If you had not had surgery and your temperature was 99 or 100 degrees, your family doctor may have some concern that something was brewing and want to evaluate you...

On the other hand, after surgery, to a large extent it is normal for you to have an elevated temperature. Remember that an elevated temperature is simply your body's response to something abnormal- not necessarily a sign of infection.

This (and I'm assuming a non-concerning examination) is why your surgeon told you not to worry unless your fever rose above 101 degrees. After surgery, this is the temperature at which surgeons start to feel that their patient may not be simply reacting to the stress of surgery and healing, or atelectasis, but may be fighting an infection.

Stay in close communication with your surgeon's office, advise them of all changes, and follow all of their instructions- and don't miss any appointments. Hopefully you will continue to a smooth a dn full recovery.

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Fever 3 weeks after surgery

Please visit with your plastic surgeon.   There are many reasons why you may be running a fever.   For low-grade temps < 101, it is most likely what is called atelectasis.  Deep breathing exercise should resolve this.   But fevers due to atelectasis generally subside after the first week from surgery (since most patients are walking more after several days from their tummy tuck).  However, persistent intermittent fevers can be due to other things as well:  infection, blood clot, urinary tract infection, etc etc.  Hence, you must be seen by a physician for an formal evaluation.  

C. Bob Basu, MD, FACS
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Mommy make over 3 week fever

This is not normal. My concern is an infection. Specially important if your make-over included implants. Pain, swelling, redness or any drainage in the surgical area? Return to your surgeon.

There are many other possibilities, like

  • early flu
  • a medication reaction
  • be  doing too much
  • a new condition like low thyroid

What to do? Cut back on activity, see your regular doctor and your surgeon again. The cause will be found. You will get better.

Elizabeth Morgan, MD, PhD
Atlanta Plastic Surgeon
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Low grade fever 3 weeks after surgery

I would not be concerned about a temperature of <101 F. Feeling tired is pretty normal. Feeling light headed, or actually ill, however is not typical 3 weeks after surgery. make sure that you are eating and drinking well. Take nice deep breaths to expand your lungs. Call you doctor if things worsen.

Ronald Schuster, MD
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Low Grade Fever and Fatigue After Surgery May Be Normal, But Ask Your Surgeon

It is normal to run a "low-grade fever" (Temperature less than 101) after surgery: the body is in a hyper-metabolic state. 

  • Just like exercise generates a rise in body temperature, the body is working harder than usual after surgery to heal.
  • This extra work also leads to feeling fatigued. Listen to your body: get the rest you need.
  • When your body is working harder, it also needs good hydration and nutrition!

It is always important to have your surgeon evaluate you, if you notice a fever, but don't be surprised if she/he says to not be concerned unless your temperature goes above 101.

Paul C. Zwiebel, MD
Denver Plastic Surgeon
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Call your doctor

You should call your doctor immediately if you are concerned.  While this website can be a good source of information to many, it should not be a substitute for advice from your surgeon. If you are at all concerned call him and if it is after hours, his service will have him paged. Good luck

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