Will Overall Width of the Nose Go Down Once Tip Swelling Resolves?

I had a rhinoplasty about 2 months ago. From straight on, my nose looks much wider than it was. How much should I expect the overall width to go down. From taking pictures and measuring the proportions, I can pretty accurately estimate that my nose is 15-20% too wide. Can I expect that much of a reduction in the measure between the outside of the nostrils once swelling resolves?

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Will Overall Width of the Nose Go Down Once Tip Swelling Resolves

Thank you for submitting your question. Swelling after a rhinoplasty, with tip work will last for a year.  Discuss your concerns with your surgeon. Best wishes.

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Nose Swelling After Surgery

It has only been two months and swelling can take a while to go down. After 6 months if your nose is still too wide, I would contact your surgeon.  But, depending on your skin type and what kind of procedure was performed, it could still take well over a year for swelling to truly subside.

Carlo P. Honrado, MD, FACS
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The healing timeline

Thanks for your question



Here is what I tell my patients. Healing occurs in 3 distinct phases. One usually loses edema at 25% per month for the first three months. From 3-12 months the last 25% goes away. However there is some ongoing change that can occur over 2-5 years. This last bit depends on what was done and where you started. Thicker skin patients  take longer to "shrink wrap". 

So I think its safe to say that you will continue to see changes


Hope that helps

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Apparent Excess Width of Tip 2 Months Post Rhinoplasty

It is not unusual to have residual temporary swelling of the tip 2 months after rhinoplasty surgery. The severity of this swelling does depend on physical characteristics of your nose, such as the thickness of your skin and what was done during the operation. This will decrease as healing progresses.

Richard W. Fleming, MD
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Swelling is normal after a rhinoplasty

You are very early in the post operative period following your rhinoplasty.  Give it more time and the nasal swelling will go down.  It it is more swollen than you expected then discuss your concerns with your plastic surgeon.  

Jeffrey Zwiren, MD
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Nose looks wider after rhinoplasty

There is swelling in the mid third of the nose and we cannot judge a result until it has set in and healed six months or more. The width can occur as the bridge is reduced, imagine taking the top off the letter A. An infracture will close and narrow the nose, though sometimes a little more width is part of the surgical plan. You should ask your surgeon what is expected, and hopefully you planned your surgery out carefully.

Peter E. Johnson, MD
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