Microneedling Vs. Profractional Laser, best for anti-aging?

I'm wondering what the difference is between Profractional laser and Microneedling. I know one is a laser and one isn't but which is better for antiaging? i'm in my mid 40's light caucasian with good skin. I've had a medium profractional before and it was good. Also can you do PRP with Profractioal? How do these treatment results compare? thanks!

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Anti-aging - Microneedling vs. Profractional

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This is a great question!  Both microneedling and profractional laser treatments are excellent anti-aging treatments.  In addition, you can use topical PRP with both treatment options to really boost your results.  Microneedling yields great results in a series with minimal downtown.  Profractional laser treatments though require some down time, but this down town can be shortened with the use of PRP.  I would recommend a consultation with a specialist to discuss your goals of therapy.  Best of luck to you!

Microneedling vs profractional laser

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Microneedling is more of a cosmetic procedure where a eclipse micropen is used to help with small resurfacing issue.  You can expect good removal of small superficial scars and discolorations with little amount of downtime, mostly a sunburn like experience.

Profractional is a deeper erybium laser to treat deeper scars, wrinkles, melasma, etc.  It is a more aggressive of a laser and can vary on depth you set the laser with your setting as far as down time.  It would resurface your skin much more aggressive than microneedling.  You could use PRP with profractional.  However,  PRP is used more with microneedling.

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