Can I do microneedling / dermarolling at home without using any serum or ampoule?

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Microneedling at home?! -- SEEK AN EXPERT

Microneedling should be performed by a board certified dermatologist. At home devices for microneedling do not produce optimal results. I suggest seeking an expert if you do not understand the best process and post operative care.  Best, Dr. Emer

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Dermarolling/Microneedling at home

These procedures should not be done on dry skin, there should at least be some hyaluronic acid serum used for "slip". The types of devices obtained for home use might help penetration of your skin care products bu breaking up the stratum corneum, but they don't go deep enough to actually stimulate collagen. Also, there are poor quality devices out there and dermarollers can cause jagged uneven disruptions, so overall I think you are much better off to have medical microneedling with an automated pen done by a professional. Plan on an initial series of 3, then perhaps 1 session 3 to 4 times a year thereafter. If you are in the sun often and/or are over the age of 30 you should also consider a high quality skin care line such as ZO skin health (Zein Obagi). So much can be accomplished with what we put on our skin DAILY and you will extend the effect of your procedures if you are on a good home regimen.
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Lisa Vuich, MD
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