Can my upturned nose be fixed so I look less piggy? (photo)

I had a large nose and the front bit used to droop down and I had issues with breathing to. I had open rhinoplasty done on the nhs and a skin graft to the tip of my nose to try and resolve this. Ive had 1 revision but the skin graft hasn't settled and had a knuckled effect at the end of my nose. The inside of my nose feels like its collapsed. A further revision was needed but NHS the funding for it was refused. I can't afford the nhs specialist privately, can it be fixed by anyone else?

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Fixing Upturned Nose

I agree that you will need cartilage grafts to help push down the tip of your nose.  If you had previous breathing issues it is likely that the septal cartilage has been harvested and you may end up requiring a rib cartilage graft to push the tip downward.  If there is no breathing issue it is unlikely that there will be any sort of insurance coverage for the problem. 

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Lengthening Nose

Cartilage grafts will be necessary to lengthen your nose. I doubt any insurance company, either private or sponsored by the government, will pay for this cosmetic procedure. Have the work is done by a nasal specialist; you want to avoid making it worse.

Richard W. Fleming, MD
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Rhinoplasty for upturned short nose

The revision rhinoplasty for this situation is challenging, it will involve the lengthening of the nose to reduce the upturned appearance and will require grafting of cartilage. The NHS system will certainly not cover. You have no choice but to use a private surgeon either in UK or abroad. 
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Upturned nose

Yes this can be helped with a further procedure.  I write from Canada, and like the NHS, the surgery is for appearance and is not covered under public health insurance.

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