Excessively watery eyes 4 months post op. Could this be related to the rhinoplasty?

I had a primary rhinoplasty where I had my septum straightened, dorsal hump removed and tip refinement 4 months ago. Since the surgery, I have had excessively watery eyes. I get a very large amount of what I call 'eye gel' (vitreous gel?) which obscures my vision and I have to remove it multiple times per day to correct my vision. As this coincided with my post-op period, could this be related to the rhinoplasty? Or is there likely some other cause?

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Post op runny eyes

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Internal swelling from your rhinoplasty could be the cause of your runny eyes which means that the issue should resolve as the swelling resolves. However, since you are 4 months post op, I don't think it would be a bad idea to make an appointment with your eye doctor just to make sure that nothing else is amiss.


Kouros Azar

4 months post op. some advices:

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Thank you very much for enquire.

Swelling after a rhinoplasty depends of the surgery complexity. In this regard, the nasal swelling Post-op It can last from two weeks to two months. To reduce this swelling, I recommend you perform delicates daily lymphatic drainage massage therapy over the face (around the nose) avoid sun exposure, and take pain/inflamation pills, as your surgeron precribe you. Kind regards,  Dr. Emmanuel Mallol Cotes.-

Emmanuel Mallol Cotes, MD
Dominican Republic Plastic Surgeon
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Excessive Watery Eyes after Nasal Surgery

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Patients can experience temporary excessive watery eyes, called epiphora, after surgery. Generally, when intranasal swelling decreases this symptom will improve and not require further treatment. Since your surgery was 4 months ago, I would check for allergies, reactions to prescription medications, conjunctivitis, corneal abrasions or lacrimal duct obstruction, and others as possible causes. These causes may need to be excluded and if present, may require additional treatment. An eye exam, nasal exam and lacrimal duct patency exam should be done to help with the correct diagnosis. 

Fred J. Bressler, MD, FACS
Houston Facial Plastic Surgeon

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