Will a Chemical Peel Help with Uneven Skin and Pits?

I have uneven skin and it looks like a moon's crater here and there. what should i do to get ride of those pits, will chemical peel help?

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Encore Total Fx works for ice pick scars

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There are several types of scars.  The pits you are referring to are what we call ice pick scars.  In the past, there was nothing, other than excision that would eliminate these scars, but with the advent of the Encore fractionated CO2 laser (Encore Total Fx), I have seen considerable improvement of acne scars with the Deep Fx treatment settings due to the deep penetration of the laser.  Usually 2 treatments are necessary but 60-75% improvement can be seen.  A TCA or Phenol peel works great for boxcar scars but not ice pick scars.  The lower strength acids have minimal effects on acne scars but do improve pigmentation with multiple peels.

Nashville Dermatologic Surgeon

Chemical Peel may help minimally

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Different types of peels exist, and will vary in the degree that they help with deeper pits/ pores and irregularies in contour. More aggressive peels such as deeper TCA peels and phenol peels are more effective, but have more risks, and have longer recovery time.

Lasers are often very effective, and when combined with fillers such as Restylane and Juvederm, may more reliably correct the 'moon crater' that you are referring to.

Wilfred Brown, MD
New York Plastic Surgeon

There are several methods to improve pitted uneven skin textures

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Methods to improve pitted uneven skin include:  Dermabrasions, subcissions, punch grafting, excisions, fillers, lasers, etc. See a doc who has experience in all these methods since he or she can explain your options better.  chem peels won't do much at all.

David Hansen, MD
Beverly Hills Dermatologic Surgeon
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Chemical Peels will generally NOT help Moon Crater Skin Depressions

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When choosing a resurfacing or peeling modality we MUST consider what we are asking it to do or better yet, how deeply do we want it to remove skin? The typical moon crater depressions you are referring to would be much better addressed with proper laser resurfacing and fillers rather than a moderate chemical peels. Lasers add much greater selectivity and specificity. I prefer the SCITON Joule platform with its Contour TRL and ProFractional capabilities. Look it up on Google.

Peter A. Aldea, MD
Memphis Plastic Surgeon

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