Is Chemical Peeling Dangerous to Moles?

I have two moles on my face, one small and the other big, both close to the lips. I'd like to know if it's dangerous to apply a peel over them. What should I do to protect them? cover them in the peel process? with what? Can the peel be agressive to the moles and cause cancer? Thanks.

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Safe to do chemical peels with moles

I highly recommend an exam with a board-certified dermatologist to have the moles looked at before you do chemical peels. Chemical peels will not hurt the moles, but it is best to have them examined to make sure they are not pre-cancerous or cancerous. If they are, in fact, innocent then it is completely safe to proceed with the chemical peels without worry. No need to cover them during the treatment.

There is no chance that doing peels will cause the moles to become cancerous, but remember to wear broad-spectrum sunscreen everyday as the chemical peel will make your skin more sensitive to sun exposure and more likely to burn. Remember, unprotected sun exposure can cause skin cancer whether you are doing chemical peels or not!  

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Chemical Peels won't hurt moles

Chemical peels won't hurt moles but make sure your moles are checked by a board certified dermatologist to make sure they are normal and not pre-cancerous or cancerous.  Sometimes peels and other procedures can make skin growths such as moles look slightly different afterwards and it is good to have them checked first to make sure they look normal.

Lorrie Klein, MD
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Chemical peeling usually not dangerous to moles

Usually not but there are always exceptions. If you think your mole is non cancerous than go ahead but why not ask the treating doctor directly to examine these areas?

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Chemical peels usually do nothing to moles.

Most TCA and fruit acid peels have no effect on moles and certainly don't turn them bad or cancerous. There is no need to cover them or protect them when doing a peel.

David Hansen, MD
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