Do I have Stahl's ear? (photos)

I grew up thinking they were just pointy, I never knew there was a name for them.

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Stahl's ear

Your photos do show a Stahl's ear.  This is considered a congenital deformity, and if noted in the first few months of lines, can be treated with non-surgical ear molding.  In the adult patient, Stahl's ear is typically treated with surgery.  As Dr. Rodman noted, your ear shape makes you unique, and is not important for function.  Treatment is not essential for a Stahl's ear.  

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Stahl's ear

Yes, it appears that you do!  This is a relatively rare variation, you certainly can consider your ears special!

This is something that makes you unique, and there is no effect on hearing or function of the ears.  However, if you wanted to change the appearance at some point, it can be done surgically

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