Can you help me to understand the healing process after otoplasty?

Two week post op otoplasty. Ears seem flat on head a bit and i was wondering will there be a degree of protrusion that happens when swelling / healing / lack of headband advances? Also ears seem to be quite swollen for two weeks and i was under impression that swelling subsided 1-2 weeks after op. When should noticeable to the eye swelling subside by?

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Healing after otoplasty

As you were probably operated on with a traditional method of otoplasty, it is normal that your ears are still markedly swollen at this time. The swelling subsides at differing speeds. It is different after an operation with the Merck stitch method, where the swelling lasts for an average of only 5 days.

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Healing after otoplasty


Flattened appearance of the ears is quite common after otoplasty due to headband and some swelling behind the ear that obliterates the post-auricular (behind ear) crease. This should normalize over the next few weeks. Some persistent swelling 2 weeks postop is also not uncommon- it needs more time than resolve. Try to keep your head elevated when asleep to speed up the resolution of the edema. 

Hope you will enjoy the results of the surgery.

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All normal

so of course the headband will create a flattened impression. once it has been off for a couple of week all will spring back. The selling will affect the result and in my experience the swelling can take 3 months to completely settle so don't be too anxious until at least this time. 

I suspect all will bee well. 

hope that helps. 

Adam Goodwin

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