I still have significant bruising under my eyes after fat transfer. It has been 7 weeks post-op. Is this normal?

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Still bruised--Bruising after fat transfer

Usually bruising resolves in a few weeks after a fat transfer. Without a picture it's difficult to tell if this is normal bruising at this point. I would follow up with your Doctor to allay any concerns since you say bruising is significant. Best, Dr. Emer

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Bruising 7 weeks after fat transfer

It is not completely normal to have bruising seven weeks after a procedure, but it does happen. Are you sure it is bruising? It may be 'post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation' or just shadowing that you aren't used to. Your surgeon could take a close look at it and give you a good answer also.

Daniel Lensink, MD
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Fat Grafting to the Lower Eyelid can result in prolonged bruising or pigmentation

The skin of the lower eyelids is the thinnest in the human body.  Through that thin eyelid skin, bruising can be especially obvious after fat grafting.  As the bruising improves, it gradually changes colors may result aa brownish tinge.  I like to describe it as “tea staining”, since it looks tea-colored.  It may resolve in a few weeks, but can persist for even a few months. “Tea-staining” of the lower eyelids after fat grafting is not unusual.  Wearing glasses with heavy frames or using makeup can help conceal the staining. 

Sydney R. Coleman, MD
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