Is there ANY other way besides surgery to flatten my protruding ears (permanently)?

I am in my mid twenties and am discouraged because I can't seem to find a way to fix this besides surgery. Is there no other way to persuade the cartilage to grow flatter?

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Is there ANY other way besides surgery to flatten my protruding ears?

No, there is no effective nonsurgical modality to  set back prominent yours.  A well executed otoplasty procedure will likely be in your best interests.  Seek consultation with board-certified plastic surgeons who can demonstrate lots of experience achieving the types of outcomes you would be pleased with. You may find the attached link helpful to learn more. Best wishes.

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Otoplasty to Flatten Protruding Ears

Considering you are in your mid-twenties, the structure of your ears is already developed and matured and the only way to alter it at this point would be through an otoplasty surgery. It is important to note than an otoplasty is a cosmetic surgery intended to alter the ears to make them more aesthetically-pleasing and to improve the patient’s self-image. There is no resulting improvement in functionality of the ears, and thus the surgery is a personal decision that is not necessary should the patient not be fully committed to what it entails. Still, if you are in fact considering an otoplasty surgery, I highly suggest that you schedule a consultation appointment with a plastic surgeon in your area to learn more about the procedure and to evaluate your candidacy in person.

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At   you age the best option is to do the surgery  to set your ears back, other option would not work at this age. 
Ali Totoncho M.D.

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Otoplasty in adults

In the adult with protruding ears, otoplasty is the standard method.  At this point molding and shaping are not known to work.  Many adults are coming in to have their ears addressed nowadays.  Best to see an experienced surgeon.  Ask questions and look at his/her photos. 

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Is there ANY other way besides surgery to flatten my protruding ears (permanently)

There is not a non-surgical way to "flatten protruding ears" in children or adults. The cartilages stiffen very soon after birth, possibly due to the rapid disappearance of the maternal estrogens. Newborns with protruding ears and various other abnormalities in shape can, however, find benefit in a non-surgical procedure using EarWell. I have developed this non-invasive approach and it works well on most every abnormality in ear shape when treatment is begun within the first week or so of birth.
Protruding ears can be inherited so if you happen to have a son or daughter born with this trait, the Earwell website can direct you to a qualified caregiver.

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Protruding ears in adults

will not mold to any external pressures.  This does work in newborns and hopefully more doctors will recommend that to babies with obvious protruding ears.  For you, all you have left is surgery or a different hairstyle that will camouflage them.

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Is there ANY other way besides surgery to flatten my protruding ears (permanently)?

At your age protruding ears can only be pinned with the traditional methods of otoplasty or with the minimally invasive stitch method.

Waldemar Merck, MD
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Only if you are an infant

When babies are born there is some opportunity to bend the Cartledge. Sometimes with infants a headband or mold can create a new and permanent shape if the child is treated in the first month or two of life. Beyond that the 

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Surgery is your best choice

At your age the cartilage is not malleable as it is in young children that may have their ears molded early in life to a less protruding position. Once you age and the cartilage hardens the best way to corect the prominante ear deformity is by Otoplasty (ear surgery).

Good luck 

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