Could there be any improvements made towards my ears? (Photo)

My ears have always been a major issue for me growing up and I believe they are the reason I suffer with social anxiety disorder. I just wanted to know whether any improvements could be made? I would appreciate it if you replied back to me very soon. Thanks, Dale Berry.

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Your ears can be changed

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but you must make sure it will fit into what you find as acceptable.  Best to see a local plastic surgeon and be evaluated and have your goals stated and understood.  Your ears otherwise do not jump out at me so you should also explore more deeply why you have a social anxiety disorder as ear surgery may not do anything to help that.

Could there be any improvements made towards my ears?

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The helix at the upper end of your left ear is shovel-shaped and bent forwards and outwards. Whether this special anatomical feature is the only cause of your left ear appearing protruding at the top, or the ear is also lying somewhat further from the head at the top than at the lower parts of your ear, can only be judged if you can show us a photo of your ears from the back. Then I can give you advice as to what can be changed on your ear.

Waldemar Merck, MD
Germany Plastic Surgeon

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