is it possible to have surgery again so that ear can go back to normal? Specifically the cartilage, is this possible? (photo)

After having otoplasty on my left ear, I'm not happy with the results, and prefer my old ear back ,I just want to know if is possible to have the ear back to its normal state with another surgery. I know cartilage goes back to its place, my stitches are dissolvable, and the DR. also inserted Permanent Sutures, does this means they cannot be taken out? i only had surgery on my left ear. please someone help me get an answer...

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Revision Otoplasty

It is possible to correct the 'reverse telephone ear deformity' in which the center portion of the ear is pushed in too much. The sutures in the back of the ear can be removed and new sutures done to achieve symmetry. Even if there is cartilage missing in the ear, some of the cartilage from the other ear can be used to augment the deformed ear.

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Revision Otoplasty

From the pictures if appears this surgery was fairly recent?  There appears to still be swelling along the antihelical fold.  I would allow time to pass for appropriate healing to take place, at least 4-6 months.  At this point it appears the correction was overdone with sutures, while it appears not attention was placed to removing any of the conchal bowl excess.  Without removal of the excess conchal cartilage, excess tension is placed on the mustarde sutures to "pin back" the ear, giving it this unnatural appearance.  I would suggest revision surgery with removal of excess conchal cartilage and more conservative mustarde suture tension if this appearance persists once the swelling has resolved.  Good Luck

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After otoplasty can surgery return the ear to pre-surgery shape? It all depends on what was done during the first surgery. If the cartilage was scored to weaken and bend it, then probably it will not go back to pre-surgery shape. One can remove all the sutures and see what happens. Each time one does surgery, there are some permanent changes, scarring, that happen which is not reversible. You are dealing with cartilage which has memory, skin, heals by scarring, small muscles(do not know what was done to those).

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Ear Revision

As I don't know when you had surgery, it would be easier and more practical to make your present ear more aesthetically pleasing. It appears that the middle part of the ear is IN but the upper and lower ear is OUT. By bring the upper and lower pole inwards, you should be happier with the result.

The alternative is to release the middle section of the ear and remove the sutures that are holding it in place. 

Consult a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon.

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