How is the type of anesthesia determined if you have occasional incidents of afib?

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How is the type of anesthesia determined if you have occasional incidents of afib?

Each patient is different but the general guidelines are similar.

  1. You must get a written medical clearance from your cardiologist for surgery and any form of anesthesia.
  2. The Afib should be controlled as much as possible and any meds that would increase your health risks identified and avoided.  This may include the eipinephrine in the local anesthetic that is injected into tissue in order to control and minimize bleeding.
  3. In a common sense approach the time of anesthesia and therefore surgery should be limited to 1 1/2 to 3 hours max in my opinion.

 These are the bare minimum requirements, in my opinion and you must understand that an experienced plastic & cosmetic surgeon may still refuse to do the surgery if he/she perceives the risk, to you, as too high.

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cosmetic surgery with atrial fibrillation

   It is best to have atrial fibrillation controlled with medications prior to undergoing elective cosmetic surgery. Patient's cardiologist should also give clearance to undergo elective anesthesia and surgery. The medications given while the patient's are asleep under anesthesia Is up to each individual anesthesiologist.

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Anesthesia and Afib

Thank you for your question. The anesthesiologists will change the main agents as needed, and avoid any more epinephrine than is absolutely needed.  Care will include making certain you are taking your medication as directed. I hope this helps.

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How is the type of anesthesia determined if you have occasional incidents of afib?

           There are a host of considerations here including the relative control of the afib, medications currently taken, and other medical comorbidities.  Each type of anesthesia can increase the stress on the heart in one way or another, and cardiac clearance will be necessary prior to consideration of surgery.


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What type of anesthesia should be used for a patient with a fib?

This is a great question for the anesthesiologist. It is important to make sure that your afib is well controlled and monitored by a cardiologist. Clearance from your cardiologist would be required prior to the procedure. The anesthesiologist would then review your chart and determine what the safest form of anesthesia is for you.

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