Slight Pop on the Left Side Of My Neck Just Behind My Ear as I Turned My Head?

Hello doctors, This evening I was putting on my compression garment after a shower and felt a very small pop on the left side of my neck just behind ear as I turned my head. Its sore and feels localized to that spot. Did I break something from my surgery? I had a neck lift 8 days ago w mild fluid collections (non-drainable) on both sides of neck. I left my PS a voicemail and will speak to him tmrw, but a very interested in your opinions regarding what that could be. A suture? Scar tissue?

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Necklift: slight pop

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hello sungoddess 

While each patient is different, as a general rule, patients can expect to recover from their necklift in about three weeks. You should visit or contact your ps about this concern. #post-op #sore

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Slight Pop on the Left Side Of My Neck Just Behind My Ear as I Turned My Head?

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    The pop could have been almost anything but a suture breaking is not unreasonable.

Kenneth Hughes, MD
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Interesting, my guess is a little fluid collection probably had organized and you popped it. If it is red hot and swollen it may be an infection. Interested to see what happens keep us informed

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