What Are the Signs of Goretex Infection?

Are there any tell-tale signs of goretex implant infection used to build up bridge of nose? Runny nose? Redness of skin?

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What Are the Signs of Goretex Infection?

Redness and swelling over the implant with possible discharge and open draining from the tissue.  You should see your plastic surgeon immediately if this occurs.

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Signs of infection after rhinoplasty

Redness, tenderness, increasing swelling, warmth or discharge are all potential signs of an infection.  Any time you have concern you should touch base with your surgeon.  

Donald B. Yoo, MD
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What Are the Signs of Goretex Infection?

 Tenderness over the area combined with increasing redness of the overlying skin.  If not treated, with antibiotics, the gore tex can come through the skin.

Francis R. Palmer, III, MD
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Goretex nasal implant infection

I thnk that some signs of infection include redness, tenderness, and possible fever or drainage to name a few.

Steven Wallach, MD
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Goretex used as a dorsal onlay graft during rhinoplasty

Signs of an infected implant would be the same regardless of the implant material used.  Watch for swelling, tenderness, redness and discomfort in the area of the implant.  Fever and chills may also occur.  Nasal discharge is non specific and often occurs following rhinoplasty surgery but can also be seen in the presence of an infected implant.  Go see your surgeon without delay.

Andrew B. Denton, MD
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