Should Asian Nose-concerns (Ie:fractures, Broken Nose, Sinusitis) Be Approached & Diagnosed Like Other Ethnicities?

I am an Asian female, and I was recently headbutted directly onto the bridge of my nose. My nose physically feels different(indented?) and my breathing feels different ever since the injury. It has been 2 weeks now. Bruising and swelling have gone down. I did research & many Asian-rhinoplasty specialists state there's an anatomical difference between Asian noses and other ethnicities. Will a regular Otolaryngologist [without much exp. w/Asian noses] be able to diagnose/evaluate me effectively?

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Characteristics of an Asian rhinoplasty "specialist"

Anatomically there certainly are differences, but a well trained otolaryngologist will be able to account for these.  When it comes to a closed reduction of a fracture, sinus surgery, or septoplasty, you can expect excellent treatment from an otolaryngologist.  

The need for an Asian rhinoplasty specialist comes into play more during rhinoplasty - or reshaping of the nose.  This is because the aesthetics of the Asian nose certainly are different from other ethnicities, and it's important to seek out a surgeon familiar with the subtleties and nuances of your nose - and knows which techniques will achieve the best results during surgery.  

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Asian Rhinoplasty

The best thing is to be evaluated by a facial plastic surgeon or ENT with a lot of experience in Asian noses as there are some nuances and differences in aesthetics that may not be overtly obvious. A facial plastic surgeon generally has training in head and neck surgery and would be the best person to evaluate the inside as well as outside of your nose.  Please consult with a board certified specialist who can assist you in achieving the results you seek.

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Asian Rhinoplasty Technique

Asian Rhinoplasty definitely requires specific knowledge and skill set to perform properly. The anatomic structures in Asian noses need special attention to create predictable and esthetic result. In your particular case, it sill take a few more weeks to determine if the nasal trauma resulted any any esthetic changes. Likewise, it can take at least a month before any internal swelling subsides to determine if there is any need for functional surgery. Seek some one with significant experience treating Asian noses whether for functional or esthetic evaluation.

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Nasal bone fractures in the Asian nose

Morning Inin,

two weeks is very early. Even a month I would consider to be early. If the fracture that you sustained was very very minor it can still feel very dramatic to the touch because those small microfracture's will develope what's called a callous or essentially a bundle of collagen and calcium around them. These can feel hard and out of place but will continue to go down over several months. You don't necessarily need an Asian specialists to evaluate this just an experienced facial plastic surgeon.  Be patient.I would avoid being encouraged to do any surgical procedures for this until you've had a couple of opinions. Besides, if it's been two weeks you really need to give it 6 to 9 months before you decide to do anything to it surgically because it's a little too late to reduce the fracture manually.

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Asian rhinoplasty

You need to be evaluated by a plastic surgeon to determine if there is an internal injury which may be affecting your breathing. If there is no external deformity from the injury such as a fracture, you may only need airway work done. You should seek out a competent nasal surgeon in your area, whether that surgeon claims to be an expert on Asian rhinoplasty or not.

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Asian rhinoplasty

Asian rhinoplasty takes into account the unique features particular to Asian patients in order to give each patient a nose that looks natural. With any ethnic rhinoplasty, the goal is to improve the appearance and/or function of the nose without making it look altered.

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Should Asian Nose-concerns (Ie:fractures, Broken Nose, Sinusitis) Be Approached & Diagnosed Like Other Ethnicities?

 Honestly, it's not the ethnicity that's causing the symptoms but the natural healing phase after blunt nasal trauma.  The rule of thumb is to allow the nasal tissues to heal for about 4-6 weeks before considering Rjhinoplasty for Aesthetic corrections following nasal trauma.

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Asian noses and trauma

There are some subtlety with all ethnicities with regards to their nose. A good rhinoplasty surgeon can handle it.

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Asian nasal fracture etc

For non cosmetic issues the treatment variations are the same. Cosmetic Asian rhinoplasty addresses common problems of the Asian nose. An experienced ENT surgeon or Facial Plastic surgeon can deal with these issues as well as general plastic surgeons  

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Asian Rhinoplasty

Asian rhinoplasties use the same techniques as other rhinoplasties.  There are just frequent issues that need to be addressed with Asian noses.  These include wide tips, wide bases, flat bridges and poor projection.  With a nasal fracture, frequently the fractures can be re-aligned to their pre-fracture state regardless of ethnicity.  If an aesthetic improvement is to be done at the same time, then it isn't the ethnicity per se, but the individual's unique nasal shape that would be addressed.  Make sure your surgeon is Board-certified in Facial Plastics as well.      - Best wishes

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